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(Your Daughters Are Mobsters (2)

“Yunchu, you need to buck up. Men shouldn’t be scared of girls who are younger than they are.”

“But they’re not girls from a normal family… they’re practically mobsters,” Wei Yunchu complained.

“Um, where did you learn the word ‘mobster’?” Jiang Xiaowei asked, dumbfounded by her son’s choice of words.

“Uncle Tang, he said Pudding and Little Bean were mobsters. That’s where I learned it.”

“I can’t believe that idiot Tang Chuan would talk behind the twins’ backs; one day, they’re going to get him,” Jiang Xiaowei laughed.

Wei Liao made the reservations; their family had acquired the local Hilton Hotels, hoping to march into the hospitality industry, so tonight was a little celebration.

Jiang Xiaowei had gone back to work at the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and their maid and Wei Liao’s mother were taking care of Wei Yunchu during the day.

Unfortunately, after giving birth to Gao Boyuan, Zhu Lingling couldn’t go back to her original slim figure, and therefore couldn’t be a flight attendant anymore.

Gao Ran’s family gave her some money to open a bag-design workshop, where Zhu Lingling created her own line of bags called ‘LING’. She went into the business wanting to have fun, but sales were surprisingly good, and the workshop kept her busy.

In four short years, Gao Ran cracked countless cases and was successfully promoted to the Deputy Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the youngest in history.

A lot of girls at the bureau had been trying to get into his pants, since Gao Ran was good looking and had a high rank. In a fit of jealousy, Zhu Lingling banned Gao Ran from using Weibo, leaving the latter at a loss for words.

When Qin Chu arrived with the twins, Huo Mian hadn’t yet arrived. The others, however, were all waiting inside the private room.

“Hey, Pudding and Little Bean, come and give Auntie Zhu a hug!” Because of her personality, Zhu Lingling probably liked the twins the most out of everyone. Therefore, she had to hug and kiss them whenever she saw them.

“Lingling, control yourself. Take a look at Pudding’s expression, she doesn’t like it when you get saliva on her face,” Gao Ran laughed.

“What are you talking about, Little Bean loves me,” Zhu Lingling refuted, rolling her eyes at Gao Ran.

Gao Boyuan hid behind his dad, too scared to walk up.

“Hey, Boyuan, you’re here too. Come and play with me!” Little Bean looked at Gao Boyuan like he was a fresh piece of meat, scaring the latter into stumbling backward.

Gao Boyuan still needed help walking, but his actions revealed how scared he was of the twins…

“Qin Chu, did you see that? Your daughters are mobsters, even Yunchu and Boyuan are scared of them.” Gao Ran smiled.

“No, they aren’t, my daughters are even scarier than mobsters, alright?” Qin Chu rubbed Little Bean’s head lovingly.

“Tsk, tsk, you should be ashamed, and yet you’re so proud about it.”

“Qin Chu, where’s Mian?” Jiang Xiaowei asked.

“She should be here soon. Last we talked, she was stuck in traffic.”

As soon as Qin Chu finished his sentence, Huo Mian rushed into the private room, placing her purse onto the table. “Sorry guys, I’m late, aren’t I?”

“No, you’re just in time. Let’s eat.” Wei Liao smiled at her and then called over the waitress.

The three families sat around the table, touched by their long-awaited reunion.

Before anyone could say anything, Little Bean looked around the room. “Everyone’s here, but where’s Handsome Su?”

After hearing her question, everyone looked awkward.

Before Qin Chu came back, Wei Liao always asked Su Yu to tag along to their family gathers, and the latter always paid.

Huo Mian never invited Su Yu, hoping to keep a distance from him. Yet, he seemed to enjoy himself.

Now that the twins’ father is back, it was only normal for Su Yu to stop coming.

“Uncle Su’s still recovering, he is resting at home,” Wei Liao explained.

Worried about the awkwardness, Qin Chu glanced at Gao Ran and changed the subject, “Does the Bureau have any updates about Mo Xue’er? Did Huo Siqian bail her out?”



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