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( The Domineering Sister Duo (1)

He didn’t think the cool and prideful Pudding would say something so touching.

Little Bean nodded furiously on the side, seemingly in agreement with her sister.

“But we love Handsome Su a lot as well. He was with us from the moment we were born and bought us whatever we wanted. He’s willing to pluck the stars from the sky, as long as we say the word. Sometimes Mommy gets annoyed with us because we’re constantly getting in trouble, but Handsome Su’s never showed us a hint of annoyance and treated us like his own. I don’t think any man in this world is capable of treating someone else’s children like their own, but he did it. Of course, people say that Handsome Su is doing this for a reason, and it was because he wants to be with Mommy. But so what? Even if he has ulterior motives, it still must’ve been hard for him to persist for three years… Even cats and dogs can have emotions after being together for very long, not to mention humans. Therefore, we love Handsome Su as well. Your return was a giant blow to Handsome Su… Mommy, Little Bean, and I are all reveling in the happiness of your return, but he literally lost everything and had to face the cruel reality…”

Speaking of this, Pudding began to choke on her words and her eyes were filled with tears.

Upon seeing her sister about to burst into tears, Little Bean put down her spoon. “Handsome Su’s been living in a fantasy over the past three years. He probably thought that you weren’t coming back and thought Mommy and us were all his… It wasn’t until that you came back that he realized that he lost everything. I think he might be a little selfish to want what’s not his, but he’s taken such great care of us over the last few years. Daddy, we know you and Handsome Su are rivals, but I hope you guys don’t fight, because it will make it difficult for us and Mommy… We also hope Daddy won’t interfere with our relationship with Handsome Su in the future… This might sound selfish, and even a little cruel to you, but it’s what my sister and I want, I can hope you can do this for us.”

Qin Chu was deeply shaken by what the twins said.

They were basically saying that they loved Daddy, and also Handsome Su.

“Pudding, Little Bean, Daddy’s obviously a reasonable person. I’m grateful for all Su Yu’s done for you guys over the years, and I understand that you love him and won’t get jealous… I know how much I hurt Su Yu by coming back. You guys are right, I won’t interfere with you guys, nor will I interfere with your Mommy and Su Yu’s friendship. Humans need to be grateful; if the Su Family didn’t step in, Daddy wouldn’t be so happy today.”

“That’s great, we knew you would understand, Daddy.” Little Bean smiled sweetly.

“Thank you, Daddy…” Pudding smiled in relief, but her reaction wasn’t as big as Little Beans; she was more like Qin Chu.

Just then, Qin Chu’s phone rang; he glanced down. “Daddy needs to pick this up.”

While Qin Chu was answering the phone, Little Bean shuffled up to Pudding and asked in a low voice, “Sis, is this all we’re going to tell Daddy today? Shouldn’t we tell him that we want to marry Handsome Su when we grow up?”

“Daddy’s stressed out enough, let’s not give him so much information at once. Slow and steady wins the race,” Pudding responded calmly.

“Mhm, you’re right.”

“One more thing… I’m the one who’s going to marry Handsome Su, not you,” Pudding added.

“No, I want to marry him! I don’t care… I can give you anything, but not Handsome Su,” Little Bean said, a little emotional.

“Come on, can’t you talk quieter? Don’t let Daddy hear you,” Pudding said, glancing at Little Bean’s face.

– GK Headquarters –

“President Huo… I have a favor to ask of you.” After the morning meeting, An followed Huo Mian back into her office.

Huo Mian looked up at him. “Sure.”



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