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(Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (3)

Tang Chuan didn’t respond; all he did was to point at the bedroom upstairs.

Wei Liao slowly made his way up to the master bedroom on the second floor. The door was open, and Su Yu was lying on the rug on the floor… His white shirt was completely unbuttoned, showing his entire upper body.

In one hand was a tightly-clenched black brocade box, and in the other hand was a glass of wine.

The red wine spilled all over the floor…

Wei Liao felt bad upon seeing his friend like that. “Yu, I…”

“You don’t have to say anything. I get everything there is to get, but I’m still really sad,” Su Yu said, his voice raspy.

As soon as he got back to the mansion, he had been drinking non-stop to subdue his heartache. He wanted to get drunk, but he felt more lucid than ever.

He knew he was a little selfish; although he claimed not to expect anything from Huo Mian, he still couldn’t help but want her for himself…

If Qin Chu didn’t come back, he really thought Huo Mian would say yes to his proposal. Then, she and the twins would move in with him, and the four of them would live happily ever after.

Su Yu would definitely spoil the three of them to no end.

However, he forgot that Huo Mian and the twins were never his to begin with, they were Qin Chu’s. He was just too obsessed.

He thought he didn’t want anything from her, but he did…

In the end, he was wrong about everything.

“F*ck, what the hell is wrong with Qin Chu? Why didn’t he come back earlier? It’s been four years! When Huo Mian was pregnant, Yu was the one with her. When she had the twins, Yu was the one with her… But now, he’s back to enjoy what Su Yu has sown, he can’t do that! F*ck, I’m going to demand an answer from Qin Chu, Su Yu isn’t a clown he can play with!” Tang Chuan defended Su Yu with his hot temper. After a slur of curses, he stood up to leave but was stopped by Wei Liao. “Stop right there.”

“Wei Liao, don’t stop me, I need to seek justice for Su Yu.”

“Can you stop causing trouble for all of us? You’re just spitting nonsense, alright? You’re Su Yu’s friend, so of course you can only see what he’s done for her, but do you know what Qin Chu’s been through, and why he didn’t come back for four years nor ask about his wife and children? Do you really think Huo Mian doesn’t know what kind of person Qin Chu is? Relationships and love aren’t fair, it’s a matter of whether or not a person wants to give. No matter how sad Yu is, we can’t place blame on Huo Mian and Qin Chu, okay? First, she never gave Yu any hope and never said she would be with him. She told him more than once that even if Qin Chu was dead, she wasn’t going to remarry. Even Grandpa Su can prove her words. Plus, did I ever blame you for this awful idea? You shouldn’t have urged him to propose! If she said yes, everyone would be happy; but do you have any idea how awkward it would be if she said no?”

“I, I… was just trying to help Yu…”

“He doesn’t need our help. We won’t hesitate to help with everything, but not his love life. If he doesn’t give up on her, he’ll always be in pain… because Huo Mian isn’t destined to love him!”

Unwilling to let it go, Tang Chuan snorted, “What is wrong with Huo Mian anyways? Why can’t she forget Qin Chu? I know so many people who change men more frequently than they change clothes, but why does she have to live and die with him? The hell… why can’t she just give Su Yu a chance? I feel bad for our Su Yu, he basically jumped into a bottomless pit.


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