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( Provoking Huo Siqian (7)

Yang Meirong couldn’t help but laugh. “Little Bean sure has her own ways…”

“Qin Mumu, can you please not use that nonsense to try to fool your father… He’s still rather simple-minded and hasn’t figured out your true essence… Do you really think it’s a good idea to make up such an excuse, just so you can eat whatever you want to?” Huo Mian questioned her daughter.

“Oh no… Mommy figured it out… Haha… I’m just joking with Daddy. There’s no way I’ll give up my happiness so easily… Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to keep my young sexy figure.”

Qin Chu was speechless.

He realized he was getting old because he often found himself unable to follow his daughters’ fast-spinning logic. Sometimes, he didn’t even know how to respond to them.

When everyone had almost finished dinner, Pudding came downstairs wearing a white cotton sleeping gown.

She had her long black hair tied up with a red Mickey mouse hairband. She looked very cute.

Little Bean and Pudding looked exactly the same. They had some of Qin Chu’s exceptional genes so they were both very good-looking.

However, they gave out distinct auras as they had very different personalities.

Little Bean always had a smile on her face. When she smiled, her eyes would turn into the shape of a crescent moon. She was more of a people pleaser type of person.

Pudding, on the other hand, looked very serious. There seemed to always be something on her mind.

“Oh, Pudding’s coming down,” Little Bean said.

Qin Chu was pleased. He was glad that Pudding had figured things out…

“Ms. Pudding. You’re just in time for dinner.” Uncle Li really adored the twins.

“Thank you, Uncle Li,” Pudding said politely.

Then, she walked over…

“Pudding, come to Grandma. The lotus roots are really yummy. You love eating crunchy lotus roots, am I right?”

“Grandma, I’ll eat it later,” Pudding said. Then she slowly walked over to Huo Mian.

Little Bean lowered her voice and whispered in Qin Chu’s ears, “I think she’s going to apologize to Mommy.”

“Of course. Do you think she’s going to continue fighting Mommy?” Then Qin Chu squeezed Little Bean’s nose gently.

“Mommy…” Pudding called out quietly.

“Yes?” Huo Mian responded with no particular emotional fluctuation.

“Mommy, about this morning… I’m sorry.” Pudding was still a child, so when she said the word ‘sorry’, tears were already rolling in her eyes.

When Pudding started talking, Huo Mian was already ready to forgive her.

After all, Pudding was her daughter and she carried her for ten months in her belly. Huo Mian loved Pudding and Little Bean more than anybody else in the world.

However, loving Pudding didn’t mean that she could spoil them. Huo Mian was a person with her own principles.

“Pudding, do you know what you did wrong?”

“I shouldn’t let out my emotions by smashing my phone.”

“Smashing your phone was one, what else?” Huo Mian didn’t directly face her daughter but she looked very serious.

“I shouldn’t have treated Handsome Su and that woman like that… Even though I don’t like her, I shouldn’t have been so impolite. After all, Handsome Su brought her home.”

“You are correct. I understand that you and Uncle Su get along well. I also understand how you guys don’t like how Uncle Su has a girlfriend now but that’s no reason for you to misbehave… You shouldn’t be so abusive to others nor should you bring those negative emotions home and affect your family…”

“I know I’ve misbehaved… I will try to control my emotions better and not smash things… Mommy, can you forgive me…”

Pudding was already crying nonstop…

She also felt really bad deep down…

Huo Mian felt bad as well and immediately picked Pudding up and placed her on her lap…




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  1. What a blessed family 🙏❣️❣️❣️

    Great work Feathers


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