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( Your Daughters are Mobsters (7)

Lu Yan didn’t like drinking water. When she was thirsty, she would usually drink red wine, cocktails, beer, or other alcoholic beverages.

“Carl, red wine.” Ian was in a good mood and immediately called out to the butler behind him.

An elderly man named Carl carefully walked up with a bottle of red wine. After decanting it, he poured a glass for each of them.

Lu Yan picked up the wineglass, raised it at Ian, and then drank the entire glass.

Ian smiled; he picked up his own glass and sipped at it.

Suddenly, he felt his entire body go numb.

“Is something wrong?” Lu Yan smiled.

“W-what… did you do to me?” Ian demanded fearfully.

Suddenly, the elderly man beside Ian slowly ripped off the mask on his face.

“Dad, your acting skills are stellar.” Lu Yan smiled brightly at the old man.

“P-professor…” Ian looked at Professor Lu in disbelief.

As soon Ian finished his sentence, a dozen AK47s were pointed at Lu Yan and Professor Lu’s head.

“I suggest you all stay where you are. Ian’s been poisoned, and only I have the antidote.”

Professor Lu never joked; everyone knew that he was a genius doctor and an expert poison-brewer.

Ian was a little careless this time; he didn’t expect Professor Lu to come at all. How in the world did he manage to get a mask to look exactly like Carl?

Moreover, Professor Lu spiked the wine with poison; Lu Yan was fine, but he was poisoned.

“Don’t look at me like that, Ian. I’ve been playing with my dad’s poison since I was a girl, so I’m basically impenetrable. Poisons don’t work on me now.” Lu Yan smiled.

She realized that Carl was her dad as soon as she boarded the plane. They gave each other a secret signal, and that was why she said she was thirsty and asked for wine.

Ian’s entire body was numb now… He sat there dumbly, like a puppet.

“Give me the antidote, or else we can all die here,” Ian said with much difficulty.

“I can give you the antidote, but we have to leave first,” Professor Lu said, his voice a little raspy.

“Okay.” Ian was extremely obedient.

“Open the cabin doors, we’re jumping off with parachutes.”

“Dad, why can’t they jump?” Lu Yan asked unhappily.

“Do you want to go to Germany and keep being chased down after you debark from the plane?” Professor Lu glanced at his daughter.

Lu Yan was completely speechless; her father was surely more meticulous than she was.

“I have the antidote. You’ll recover within ten minutes after drinking it.”

“Why should I believe you? What if you run away and I find out that the antidote is a fake?” Ian asked worriedly.

“You don’t have a choice, and the other option is for us to all die here. First, you die from poison, and then your people will shoot us. What do you think?” Professor Lu smiled as he looked at Ian.

Ian’s face immediately turned as ugly as could be… He knew Professor Lu would never bluff and was a man of his words.

“Ian, you have eight minutes to make a decision. After that, you’ll die even if you drink the antidote. We’re all busy people, hurry up and make a decision,” Lu Yan said arrogantly.

In the end, after a few seconds of silence, Ian had no choice but to slowly open his mouth, “Open the cabin door and take out the parachutes.”

“Sir, are we really going to let them go?” his subordinates asked.

“Shut up and execute my orders,” Ian said with a dark expression on his face.

– Two minutes later –

Lu Yan and her people jumped off first; Professor Lu was the last one to jump, and before he did he threw a little bottle of antidote to Ian.

After they safely landed, Lu Yan pulled aside the parachute and walked up to her dad, helping him up. “Dad, why did you suddenly come? You totally saved me!” she exclaimed.



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