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( I Want You to be Happy (4)

“It’s really just a coincidence. I have a friend back in the States and he coincidentally knows a seller… Americans don’t really understand the value and essence of Chinese artwork so that American thought it would be pointless to keep it. He thought of selling it and I thought of buying… I already had it appraised and it’s real… I hope you like it,” Qin Chu said sincerely.

Grandpa Su held onto the scroll and didn’t want to let go…

“I heard that he’s an amazing artist… Never would I have thought I’d be lucky enough to see one of his works for myself… I can die with no regrets now… I heard that this painting was drawn when he went hiking with a friend to Mountain Mei… Xu Zilin was very satisfied with this piece… He’s such a great artist and his brushstrokes are so fresh yet powerful. Putting it in modern terms, he really poured his heart into the work… and that’s something rare.”

“I’m glad you like it, Grandpa Su.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Of course I like it. You guys are too thoughtful…” Grandpa Su praised Qin Chu.

“It’s no big deal. I’m glad you like it…”

Then, Qin Chu stood up and handed Mr. Su a square brocade box.

“I have a present too?” Mr. Su said with a big smile on his face.

“Mr. Su… Take a look…” Huo Mian smiled mysteriously.

Mr. Su slowly opened the box and saw a black inkstone in it. It was love at first sight.

“You two really have investigated my hobbies and interests… Did Su Yu tell you guys?” Mr. Su picked the inkstone up and weighed it happily.

“No, Su Yu didn’t tell us anything. I just guessed it because I once saw the inkstone collection in your study room.” Huo Mian smiled.

The art of gifting is giving someone something that they would love, rather than just something expensive.

Mr. Su was a bit surprised to see the words behind the inkstone.

“There are actually words… Seems to be… Orchid Pavilion!” Mr. Su exclaimed.

“Great eyes, Mr. Su… This inkstone may not be carved with the best material but the skills required are high. It’s a work of Feng Hongyan, a contemporary master… It’s 19.6 cm long, 11.8 cm wide, and 1.6 cm thick… There are only a few in the world and the pattern on the back is carved according to that of the Ming-Qing Flower. Since there’s Wang Xizhi’s ‘Orchid Pavilion’ on the back, this inkstone is called “The Elegant Charm of the Orchid Pavilion,” Qin Chu explained patiently.

“The Elegant Charm of the Orchid Pavilion is a great name… I like it.”

“It’s also nothing expensive but the craftsmanship is impressive… Since it’s contemporary, I thought you won’t feel bad accepting it. It’s still a good piece, so I hope you’d accept it.”

Qin Chu said slowly.

Mr. Su looked up at Qin Chu, genuinely impressed by this young man.

“Qin Chu… you’re Yu’s age but you know so much about these things… You sure are knowledgeable about the world.”

“Thank you, Mr. Su… My dad was interested in these things and taught me when I was young… That’s why I know a bit about it.” Qin Chu sounded humble.

Just then, Little Bean looked around and asked in a cute voice, “Daddy, you brought Great Grandpa and Grandpa Su presents… What about Grandma Su… Does Grandma get a present? If she doesn’t, it’d be rather awkward… I hope Daddy isn’t being sexist…”

Little Bean’s words made everyone burst into laughter.

Mrs. Su was walking out of the kitchen when she heard this. She asked, “Little Bean, what did you bring me? Let me see…”

“Here you go, Mrs. Su…” Huo Mian stood up with a smile and handed her a big box that was well wrapped.



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