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(Provoking Huo Siqian (5)

“I’m fine.”

“You should drink some soup, this soup here is really good. Plus, at your age, you should take care of your skin. If you only think about work, you’re going to quickly become old and battered, and Daddy won’t love you anymore. He might even find a mistress and mistresses are terrifying creatures. When that happens, Daddy won’t come home often and you will spend a lot of your time crying — our family would be ruined. Oh my… even the thought of it terrifies me.”

Huo Mian: “…”

To be honest, if she wasn’t already used to how the twins spoke, she would have choked herself to death with that steamed red bean paste bun.

“Little Bean, what in the world are you talking about?”

“I’m only telling you what could happen… Don’t worry though because from how it is now, Daddy still loves you very much.”

Little Bean smiled…

“Hurry up and eat your food. Don’t waste your time saying this nonsense,” Huo Mian scolded.

– Upstairs –

When Qin Chu walked into the room, Pudding was sitting quietly by the piano.

She was playing “The Castle in the Sky”. The song was slow and she was obviously still down in the dumps.


“Daddy, you’re back!” Pudding flashed Qin Chu a rare smile.

“You’re practicing the piano…”

“I’m just playing for fun.”

“Are you still mad at Mommy?” Qin Chu asked. He took a seat by Pudding and looked at her gently.

Pudding bit her lips a bit and said, “No, I’m actually mad at myself.”

“Why are you mad at yourself?”

“Because I think that I’ve really been selfish this time and that I hurt Mommy. Mommy is right. She said that I had brought negative emotions home and it affected everyone else. I’m really sorry.”

“Do you really think that? Are you saying that because you’re angry?” Qin Chu held onto his daughter’s little hand and asked her patiently.

“Yeah… I’m not saying this because I’m angry… I lost my calm back there and threw the phone onto the floor… When I calmed down and thought about it, I regretted it. Mommy is right. I don’t have any money-earning abilities right now and I’m already destroying things. It’s not a good habit.”

“Mommy actually really loves you, but she needs to teach you what is right and wrong…”

“I know, but what happened with Handsome Su really left me feeling uncomfortable…”

“You really like Handsome Su, don’t you?”

“Yes. I like Handsome Su. Both him and Daddy treat Little Bean and I really well… He loves Mommy and we both know it. We were thinking about setting Mommy and him up if you didn’t show up in a few years… However, we also know that Mommy doesn’t love him back. She only loves you… Handsome Su was probably devastated, so devastated that he allowed that woman, Jian Tong, to enter his life… Even if they are just playing pretend, I still don’t like them together.”

“You’re right. Uncle Su probably didn’t make the best decision this time… These problems are all solvable but you can’t solve them by shutting yourself in a room. Everyone’s worried about you.”

“I know.”

“Then why don’t you come downstairs with Daddy and have dinner together?”

“I…” Pudding still didn’t have the courage to show herself in front of her mom.

“You’re too embarrassed to apologize to Mommy?” Qin Chu asked.

Pudding pursed her lips and remained quiet…

“You’re just as stubborn as your mom… She’s waiting for you to apologize but you don’t want to… What should I do with you two…” Qin Chu joked around intentionally.

“Daddy. It’s fine. I don’t want to go downstairs now. Otherwise, when I see Mommy, it’d be awkward. Why don’t I go downstairs tomorrow?” Pudding still looked concerned.

“But if you don’t go down now, you’d lose the best opportunity to apologize… Your mommy was in a bad mood for the entire day today… Even though she looks like she’s doing fine, she’s actually very worried about you.”

“Really? I thought she only let me out because you and Handsome Su begged her?” Pudding questioned doubtfully.



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