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(I Am Willing to Accompany You in Acting (3)

“Once is enough…” Su Yu was in a relatively depressed mood, and his voice was much lighter than usual.

Honestly speaking, he was really tired after today’s “performance”. Even though he was the president of an entertainment company, acting was really not his strong suit…

“Huo Mian is very smart… I’m afraid she will be able to see through it if we just pretend once. Then what we did today would be meaningless…” Jian Tong tried to persuade Su Yu, but he just remained silent…

Jian Tong carefully walked two steps forward. “President Su… I’m not afraid of getting into trouble… I’m willing to keep the act going and stop at your request. I won’t linger at all afterward.”

“Why do you need to do that…” Su Yu may pity himself, but he pitied Jian Tong even more.

“I really mean it, and I’m willing to do it… Currently, I don’t have a boyfriend anyways. President Su, you pretending to date me will be good for my career as well. So why not? I have nothing to lose… Please don’t feel burdened.”

Su Yu still kept silent… but he just sighed a little.

“There’s one thing… I’d like to tell you… you might become very angry upon hearing it,” Jian Tong said gently.

“What is it?”

“I got a reporter to follow me… and I plan to have everything exposed tomorrow morning.”

Su Yu: “…”

“President Su, you can scold me if you want, or you can order them to return the footage now… After all, I did plan this hype without telling you ahead of time.” Jian Tong intentionally made herself sound like the victim and took the initiative to clarify herself. This way, Su Yu did not know how to start even if he wanted to blame her. The truth was, Jian Tong was a very smart woman.

“Forget it… It doesn’t matter… Anyway, since I’m taking you home with such a big bang, I guess the reporters must have taken some photos of us.”

“So President Su… Can I not go back home…? If I stay here overnight, our story will be more credible… Of course, you can rest assured that I will not bother you. I can sleep downstairs without disturbing your rest.”

“You can do whatever you like… I’m a little tired. ”

Su Yu really didn’t want to bother with Jian Tong. He stood up and went upstairs.

Jian Tong seemed completely used to Su Yu’s indifference already.

She was even pleasantly surprised that she got the chance she had been waiting for. She really should thank Huo Mian for it.

If Su Yu wasn’t upset with Huo Mian, he would never use Jian Tong as a shield…

But anyway, it was exactly what Jian Tong wanted…

She rested in the bedroom downstairs without any strange feelings, and she also felt at home when using the bathroom.

After he went upstairs, Su Yu never came down again… and he didn’t say anything else to Jian Tong that night.

– The next morning –

When Su Yu came downstairs, Jian Tong had already prepared breakfast.

“President Su… I only found some eggs and bread in the refrigerator, so I made some fried eggs, please do try some!”

“I’m not hungry.” Su Yu’s mood was low.

Jian Tong did not eat either when she saw that Su Yu did not want to eat. She picked up her coat and followed him out.

The social media blasted with news of them dating before the two of them even arrived at Imperial Star.

Su Yu, the president of Imperial Star, was suspected of getting back together again with his ex-girlfriend, Jian Tong. They returned to the mansion late at night and spent the entire night together.

When Huo Mian had breakfast that morning, she kept getting WeChat notifications from all her friends.

Zhu Lingling: “Mian, what’s going on over there with Young Master Su? He’s dating Jian Tong? Oh My God… I don’t like that little b*tch.”

Jiang Xiaowei: “What’s happening to Yu? Is it true that he got back together with Jian Tong? Did you know about this?”

Ni Yang: “Sister Mian, everyone at the company has been talking about Jian Tong and President Su getting back together. Is it true? Their news is all over the headlines now.”

Huo Mian picked up her phone and was just about to reply when she heard Pudding slam her mobile phone onto the ground, full of emotions.

“Pudding, what’s the matter?” Qin Chu looked at his older daughter in puzzlement.

“I bet that woman was the one responsible for such a shameless thing, Handsome Su would never act so high-profiled… She’s despicable!”

Pudding seemed to be very hostile toward Jian Tong… In her mind, Jian Tong arranged everything, and Handsome Su was just being used…



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