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( The Twins Versus the Manipulative Bimbo (1)

“Mhm, I’m guessing something happened between them, why else wouldn’t he come? I couldn’t ask though, since it’s her personal business.”

“Sis, can you drive yourself home? I have somewhere to be,” Zhixin said; before Huo Mian could respond, he had already opened the door and ran off, leaving her at a loss for words…

“So, my little brother’s all grown up now, huh? He’s abandoning his sister to chase after a girl?” Huo Mian wasn’t sure whether to cry or laugh.

With a smile, she got onto the driver’s seat and continued heading home in her beloved Audi R8.

Since it was rush hour, she was soon stuck on the expressway. While she waited, Huo Mian took out her phone and chatted with Lingling. She also asked Chen Jie how Ni Yang was doing.

Suddenly, while she was glancing around, she saw a black Buick car behind her – she felt like a pair of eyes was staring at her from the car.

Did she see right? It felt weird.

Frowning, Huo Mian put down her phone and tilted her head to take a closer look; however, the car behind her immediately rolled up its windows, leaving her with nothing to see.

Suspicious, she began driving really slowly, allowing all the cars behind her to pass through first. Yet, the black Buick continued trailing after her, prompting her to immediately step on the gas pedal, speeding off the viaduct and taking another route home.

The other route took longer, but at least it wasn’t jam-packed with cars.

After she made a turn onto the highway, she looked around but didn’t see the car she thought was following her.

“Did I see wrong?” Huo Mian muttered to herself.

At an intersection before the highway, four black-clothed men sat inside the black Buick.

“Sir, why aren’t we following her anymore?”

“Idiot! Huo Mian is extremely smart. If we keep following her, she’s going to notice something’s wrong.”

“So what if she did? We can just kidnap her right there.”

“Stupid! Huo Mian’s not easy to kidnap, alright? If she were, Huo Siqian wouldn’t have waited this long! You are all brainless idiots…” A man wearing a pair of black sunglasses cursed.

“Boss, I’ve investigated already, she used to have a bodyguard, An, who’s incredibly skilled and even managed to injure Huo Siqian. But that man’s back with Su Yu now, since he worked for Su Yu to begin with. This means our chances of kidnapping her are high when she’s alone…”

“No, we can’t take the risk… This time I’m back, I’m not going to reveal myself… I’m going to attack them when they least expect it. Humph, Huo Mian, I’m going to kill you and let you not even have a place to be buried,” the man sneered as he took off his sunglasses, revealing a handsome face with a ferocious smile on it.

– South Hill Manor –

“Mommy’s back!” Little Bean immediately ran up to Huo Mian, taking the briefcase from her hands.

“Hi, Little Bean.”

“Daddy, can we have dinner now?” Little Bean asked, her face full of anticipation.

“What else do you know aside from eating? Don’t you have any ambitions?” Pudding’s gaze landed calmly on her younger sister.

“If I can’t even eat, how will I have the energy to have ambitions? You’re so weird.”

Huo Mian was more than used to the twins’ bickering…

“Honey, you’re back late tonight, was the traffic really bad?” Qin Chu looked down at his watch – Huo Mian was 20 minutes later than she usually was. This was weird, since she had told him that she wasn’t working overtime today.

Huo Mian walked up to Qin Chu, intimately linking arms with him. After taking off her shoes, she said, “Something weird happened on my way home.”




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