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( Provoking Huo Siqian (9)

“I heard his assistant say that he was followed by a stalker… and that was what caused the accident…”

“Jie, don’t cry. I’m on my way.”

“Okay.” Chen Jie and Ni Yang were in a steady relationship. Ni Yang had already bought a new place for them and wanted to marry her.

Chen Jie didn’t want to drag Ni Yang’s career down as a celebrity so she hasn’t accepted his proposal yet.

However, as long as Ni Yang didn’t have work, he would spend his time with Chen Jie.

They stayed in Ni Yang’s mansion and Chen Jie would take care of him, like wash his clothes or cook dinner.

Aside from Ni Yang’s mother and little brother, Huo Mian was his closest thing to family. That was why when Ni Yang was in trouble, Chen Jie phoned Huo Mian immediately.

When Qin Chu walked out of the bathroom, he saw Huo Mian putting on clothes to leave.

“Honey, are you going out?”

“Yeah. Ni Yang got into an accident. I need to go to South Side.”

“I’ll go with you.” Qin Chu immediately took off his bathrobe and put on clothes.

“It’s okay. It’s late already and your leg wounds aren’t fully healed. There’s no need for you to be running around. I have bodyguards with me so I’ll be fine on my own.”

“Honey, even if I’m wounded, I’m not crippled. Don’t worry about me. I’m worried about you, even if there are bodyguards with you.”

Finally, Huo Mian gave in to Qin Chu. Even though Huo Mian had real bodyguards, Qin Chu acted like he was her bodyguard.

The two wanted to remain low-key so they drove her R8 to South Side.

– Inside a VIP patient room –

Ni Yang’s face was all covered with white gauze.

“Sister Mian, President Qin,” Chen Jie greeted them as they entered the room.

“Sis… Mr. Qin, why are you here?” Ni Yang held onto his wounded left cheek and tried to sit up.

“I called Huo Mian,” Chen Jie said in a low voice.

“How did you wound your face…” Huo Mian put down her bag and went over to see his wounds.

“It’s okay… It’s just scratches. My face will be fine.” Ni Yang smiled.

“No, you can’t be too careless.”

Then, Huo Mian turned around and said to Ni Yang’s male assistant, “How did this happen?”

“President Huo… It’s because there were these crazy fans… At first, they followed our car. They would appear on site wherever we performed and take dozens of photos. Even when we took the plane, they would check our flight number and buy first-class tickets on our flights to cause commotions… There’s one girl who’s probably from a rich family and she loves Ni Yang… We don’t know how she got Ni Yang’s phone number but she would constantly call him and send him crazy messages… She’s like a maniac! Ni Yang didn’t bother with her but this time, she brought her friends with her. She probably heard that we were recording at a television station so she snuck in by saying that she wanted Ni Yang’s signature. Then they came running towards him and she scratched Ni Yang’s face. She screamed that Ni Yang didn’t even look at her so it was probably some sort of revenge.”

Huo Mian’s face darkened after hearing the story.

“I’m okay, Sister Mian, don’t worry… That girl looked drunk so I don’t think she did it on purpose.” Ni Yang, however, looked very calm.

“No! It’s not about whether she did it on purpose or not! It’s assault… Did you call the police?”

“Yeah… The police took them away but I heard they were already released… The girl’s family has some power and influence. Also, they didn’t cause that big of a commotion so the police gave them a second chance.” The assistant looked down at his feet.

“No. We can’t just let them go like that. We must execute one as a warning for others. Imagine what would happen if another crazy fan does something even worse!”

“I’m okay, Sis… Really… I don’t want to blow things out of proportion.”

“No. I won’t let anyone bully you.”

Huo Mian was also pretty frustrated – Ni Yang was always so gentle and wanted to avoid conflict…



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