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(Scandal of the Huo Corporation (9)

“It’s sensitive timing right now. Do you plan to see him, President Huo?” Bella quietly asked.

Huo Mian thought deeply for a moment and then nodded. “Let him in. I want to see what he wants to say.”

Bella nodded and turned around to open the door.

Soon, a man in flashy looking leisurewear walked in slowly.

“President Huo, it’s been a long time since we last saw each other.” The man smiled.

“Mr. Jiang, how have you been?” Huo Mian said faintly as she looked at Jiang Ye.

“President Huo, do you mind if I smoked a cigarette?”

“Do as you wish.”

Jiang Ye smiled and sat on the sofa in front of Huo Mian. He took out a black and golden box of cigarettes and pulled one out, putting it into his mouth.

“I’ve been living in Jing City for more than six months, I actually wouldn’t have come back if Mo Xue’er didn’t get herself into trouble.”

“So… you’re trying to beg for mercy for her?” Huo Mian asked calmly as she looked at him.

“Beg for mercy? Oh no… It seems you have mistaken something, President Huo… In fact, I don’t care whether she’s dead or alive, whether she’s at the top of her industry or at the dead bottom… She has nothing to do with me.” Jiang Ye chuckled.

Huo Mian simply looked at Jiang Ye quietly without a response, trying to figure out what he wanted from her…

“President Huo, you need to think this through clearly… Me and Mo Xue’er were just friends with benefits… Our relationship isn’t as close as you think. I don’t have any feelings for her. To me, she’s just a consumable good… We used each other for our personal needs… However, this scandal of hers gave me an idea…” Jiang Ye said as if he wanted something.

“What kind of idea are you talking about?” Huo Mian didn’t like Jiang Ye because he was an extremely odd person.

She didn’t know what he was thinking nor what the purpose behind his weird actions was. He made her feel very uncomfortable.

Before, he wanted to further his career here so he signed with Su Yu’s company… Whenever he saw Huo Mian, he would look at her with a weird and uncomfortable look… Su Yu didn’t like Jiang Ye so he allowed no opportunity for him to approach Huo Mian.

Jiang Ye realized later on that Su Yu refused to spend large amounts of resources on him. After doing okay but not amazing for a few years, he returned to Jing City six months ago after his contract expired.

Huo Mian thought he wouldn’t come back but half a year later, she unexpectedly greeted him in her office.

Jiang Ye took a puff of his cigarette and slowly breathed the smoke out.

“It’s an opportunity that would help you.”

“Help me?” Huo Mian didn’t seem to understand what Jiang Ye meant.

“President Huo, you’re a smart woman… You probably know that Mo Xue’er and I go back a long way so I know a lot about her… She has been fooling around with Huo Siqian for many years, not only relationship-wise but also money-wise… At first, when you and your husband were accused of murder, you probably knew who was behind it… I can help you find evidence…”

Jiang Ye stopped there, locking eyes with Huo Mian.

“Mr. Jiang, you need to know that me and my husband were proven to be innocent… Someone else took the blame and this case has been closed for a long time… Finding evidence now is just pointless.” Huo Mian sounded very calm.

“Says who? What if I have solid proof that Huo Siqian killed Song Yishi…” Jiang Ye smirked.

When Huo Mian heard that, the look on her face revealed a hint of surprise.

“What about it? Are you interested, President Huo?” Jiang Ye asked as he looked at Huo Mian with peculiar eyes.


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