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( Going to Marry Handsome Su When I Grow Up (4)

"Um, no, don't think too much, Little Bean," Su Yu said.

"Liar… Of course it's why you're sad, don't be embarrassed… I get you," Little Bean consoled Su Yu by patting him on the shoulder, acting like a little grown-up.

Su Yu was speechless…

"Handsome Su…"


"Who's prettier, Pudding or me?"

Su Yu was speechless.

He would get a headache whenever he hears that question; the twins have asked it more than a hundred times since they learned how to speak.

Did he really have to answer her?

"What? Is it hard to answer?" Little Bean demanded.

"No, Little Bean, um… you guys are both pretty. You're twins, you look the same."

"No we don't... Don't you think my temperament is a little better than Pudding's?"

Su Yu burst out in laughter; Little Bean was adorable! Did she even know what the word 'temperament' meant?

"Are you laughing at me?" Little Bean pouted.

"No no, you're right, Little Bean, your temperament is slightly better."

"Really?" Little Bean exclaimed happily.


"Handsome Su, you're the best. Don't be sad anymore, okay? Here, you can have my candy."

Then, before Su Yu could refuse, Pudding took the lollipop out of her mouth and stuck it right into Su Yu's.

The latter was immediately petrified… The lollipop was just in another person's mouth! But…

"Does it taste good?" Little Bean asked cutely.

"It does…" Su Yu didn't have the guts to say it didn't, or else this little girl would chop him up into pieces…

"Be a good boy, okay? Mommy said no matter how sad I am, just have a piece of candy, it will remind you how sweet life is."

"Um… did your mom say that, or did you?" Su Yu asked, unconvinced.

"Does it matter? It's the same."

Su Yu felt speechless. "Fine, Little Bean, you have a really good point. I have nothing to say."

"Then can we go back to the party? It's ending soon… I don't want you to miss the end…" Little Bean said with a baby voice as she held Su Yu's hand.

Su Yu arranged for fireworks to be lit at the end of the twins' birthday party. He custom ordered all sorts of Disney-character-shaped fireworks, which the twins loved.

Lighting them up on the boat would be a spectacular sight to see…

Although Su Yu wasn't in a good mood, he couldn't help but be persuaded by Little Bean and walked out of his room with her. Upon seeing this, Pudding immediately rushed up and grabbed Su Yu's other hand, and the three of them headed up to the deck with Su Yu held the two by their chubby hands.

He looked up at the fireworks… everything felt like a dream…

"Wow, it's beautiful!"

"It really is, Handsome Su. You're so romantic!"

The twins seemed to really like this present… and they kept exclaiming in happiness.

After the fireworks show, the guests slowly began to disembark the ship.

As soon as Su Yu got onto his black Lamborghini, he saw An open his passenger's seat and get in. "President Su, I'm leaving with you."

"An? Why are you here?" Su Yu asked in confusion.

"President Huo's husband is back… It's not my place to protect her anymore."

"Of course it is. As long as Huo Siqian's still alive, Huo Mian will forever be in danger. Just protect her until she tells you to stop, alright?" Su Yu said with determination.

"If I go back to protect President Huo, then what about you? What will happen to you?" An asked, feeling bad for his boss.


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