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( Your Daughters Are Mobsters (4)

“Yunchu, I’m impressed by your choice of words. Not bad, my son,” Jiang Xiaowei laughed.

Wei Yunchu looked at his mother with a flabbergasted expression – that wasn’t the point! The point was that he was being bullied!

“Pudding, why didn’t you stop your sister from doing something that absurd?”

“Mommy, if you can’t discipline her, how do you expect me to? I’m not omnipotent… You think too highly of me,” Pudding replied calmly, sipping on her juice.

Finally, Huo Mian couldn’t control herself any longer. “Mr. Qin, look at your daughters!”

“They’re still young, we need to be patient.” Qin Chu smiled gently.

“How are they young? They don’t look like they’re three years old at all… If you don’t discipline them now, you’ll never have a chance!” Gao Ran chimed in.

At this moment, Little Bean glanced at Gao Ran, her brain spinning fast. Sounding curious, she asked, “Uncle Gao, on my way home from piano lesson the other day, I saw a pretty girl wearing a police uniform get onto your Jaguar, is she a new intern at the bureau?”

Gao Ran: “…”

“When was this? You’ve sure got guts, Gao Ran.” Zhu Lingling immediately lost her cool.

“Hey, Little Bean, come on, don’t just lie like that. You’re going to cause a war in our family…” Gao Ran said, not sure whether to laugh or cry.

“Did I see wrong? Sis, didn’t you see that girl?” Little Bean turned around and asked Pudding.

“I saw her too, that girl kept smiling at Uncle Gao. She was young and pretty… It’s normal though, right? Uncle Gao is the handsome deputy director, so it’s natural for women to pounce onto him uncontrollably.”

“You guys are digging my grave…” Gao Ran couldn’t smile anymore.

“Gao Ran! Explain! Who’s this bureau intern? Is she a policewoman?” Zhu Lingling interrogated, pinching Gao Ran’s arm.

“Ahhh, Honey, don’t pinch me. It’s not what you think… She’s a colleague at the bureau and was late for work. I bumped into her and she asked me for a ride…”

“I’m not going to believe you, watch how I’m going to teach you a lesson when we get home,” Zhu Lingling snorted angrily.

“Qin Chu, your daughters…” Gao Ran was completely helpless. Before he could finish his thought, however, Little Bean said, “Uncle Gao, the other day I saw…”

“Wait! Pudding, stop for a second, let me finish my sentence first,” Gao Ran interrupted Pudding and turned to Qin Chu, sticking out his thumb. “Qin Chu, your daughters are smart and cute, the best limited edition duo that exists on this earth. They’re amazing.”

Upon hearing this compliment, Little Bean immediately changed her verse. “The other day I saw that Uncle Gao’s phone was filled with Auntie Zhu’s photos. I thought to myself, ‘he must really love her’.”

“Photos of me?” Zhu Lingling asked, obviously doubtful.

“Yeah, I was playing games on his phone and discovered those photos by accident.”

Zhu Lingling smiled shyly. “That’s much better, stupid cop.”

Finally, Gao Ran let out a sigh of relief; he felt like he had just ridden a roller coaster. The twins may be young, but they were as quick as foxes and were filled with crazy ideas – it was a losing battle to begin with.

“Wei Liao, you’re smart to never talk during our gatherings. This way, you won’t anger either of them,” Gao Ran glanced over at Wei Liao and said, with a profound look on his face.

“I can’t anger them, but I can hide from them…” Wei Liao laughed.

“Pudding and Little Bean, do not bully Yunchu and Boyuan again. If I hear from Yunchu that you’ve bullied him, hmph…” Huo Mian said with a sneer.



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