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( I Am Willing to Accompany You in Acting (4)

“Qin Zhaozhao, haven’t I said that… personal emotions are not allowed at the dining table…” Huo Mian was obviously angry.

“I just can’t stand that schemer! She’s just using Handsome Su…” Pudding looked furious.

“That’s Su Yu’s business. It has nothing to do with you… You’re too young and who are you to comment on this matter… What’s more, how can you lose your temper at home like this?”

Although Huo Mian loved her daughters, she never spoiled them to no end and never once pampered the twins.

Yesterday at the Su Family Mansion, Huo Mian was almost driven beyond her limits by Pudding and Little Bean’s joint attack on Su Yu and Jian Tong.

However, last night she only tried to educate them, rather than scold them in front of everyone.

However, to her surprise, Pudding was so indignant when the news came out today that she threw her cell phone on the ground.

Pudding’s action completely infuriated Huo Mian.

“Mommy… My sister is just extremely angry… After all, Handsome Su went too far this time,” sensing Huo Mian’s anger, Little Bean immediately spoke up for her sister.

“You shut up… It’s none of your business. I’m talking to your sister now,” Huo Mian shouted.

Pudding pouted and lowered her head without looking at Huo Mian… She seemed to be sulking.

Qin Chu stood up. Just when he bowed his head to pick up the broken cell phone Pudding threw… Huo Mian stopped him. “Honey, don’t touch it, she needs to pick it up herself.”

“Come on, Mian… She’s just a kid.” Qin Chu really loved the twins dearly.

“No, there’s no room for discussion… If I fail to teach her what’s right this time, I can’t guarantee that she won’t do something like this again in the future. If you love me and your daughter, please don’t interfere.”

Qin Chu: “…”

Huo Mian’s words completely sealed Qin Chu’s mouth. He looked at Pudding helplessly.

Then he looked at Little Bean, who immediately whispered, “Daddy, never mind, Mommy is really scary when she’s angry. We should just keep quiet.”

Qin Chu knew that Huo Mian wanted to educate Pudding, so he held back and did not pick it up.

By this time, tears had already filled Pudding’s eyes… but they did not fall. Obviously, she was trying to hold them back.

Pudding and Little Bean had very different personalities. Little Bean can talk sweetly and make people laugh. If she did something wrong, she will immediately admit to the mistake and apologize.

But Pudding was different. She was calm and smart, and even a little cocky, so she seldom made mistakes.

Even if she really did something wrong, she would not easily admit to her mistake, due to her strong sense of pride…

Now that Huo Mian scolded her in front of the whole family, Pudding felt like she was losing face.

“Qin Zhaozhao… Go pick up the cell phone right now…” Huo Mian repeated sternly.

“Sis… just pick it up. Mommy is really angry, she’s not joking around.” Little Bean tried to convince her sister.

After three seconds of silence, Pudding came down from the stool, walked slowly up to her phone, and bowed her head down.

Then, she picked up the cell phone with one hand and wiped away her tears with the other…

Qin Chu’s heart ached from just watching this. But, having looked at Huo Mian’s expression, he knew it was not good to interfere, so he just looked and continued eating breakfast without saying anything else.

Pudding picked up the phone and put it directly on the dining table, right in front of Huo Mian. Her attitude was, she already picked up the phone, so what else did her mom want?

Huo Mian didn’t seem to just let it go so easily…

She picked up the rose gold cell phone, took a look at it, and said slowly, “The screen is broken. This phone cost 5,360 yuan. Fixing the screen will cost 2,000. Qin Zhaozhao, you now have two choices. Either you give up cell phones or give me 2,000 yuan right now and I’ll get someone to fix it for you.”

“Honey…” Qin Chu couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Honey… Keep eating, you’re not getting her out of this.” Huo Mian took a look at Qin Chu.

Pudding bit down on her lips without responding.

“Why aren’t you replying? Are you mute? You don’t need the cell phone anymore, do you?… Then let me break it up completely.”

After saying that, Huo Mian picked up the cell phone and smashed it on the ground once more.

Her action frightened everyone.




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