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(What Goes Around Comes Around (4)

“Who do you think Qin Chu is? He was hard to deal with even back then! I told you all not to do anything not because I’m scared of him, but because now’s not the right time! Do you really think I want him alive? But here’s the thing – killing Qin Chu takes time and planning, not only is he constantly on high alert right now, his combat skills have improved drastically! Ah-Li’s such an idiot, he’s no match for Qin Chu. Did he really think he could kill him with a knife?! Qin Chu walks around with world-class military weapons, his gun alone can kill you all a million times over! If he really wanted to kill Li, we wouldn’t be seeing him right now!”

“He didn’t kill Brother Li because he didn’t want others to find out, no?”

“Idiot! He has a hundred ways to kill Ah-Li without spitting out his bones! Just like how I so easily framed him back then… Don’t use your idiot brains to analyze your enemy!”

“You’re right, Boss, you’re right.”

“What are you standing there for, are you all zombies?! Get me a doctor, or else he’s going to die!”

Huo Siqian hadn’t been so angry in a while, but today he was basically driven mad by those idiot lackeys of his.

“Yes, Boss!”

One of the men ran out to go find the private doctor they usually used.

After four hours of surgery, the doctor finally took out the dagger in Ah-Li’s hand.

“Mr. Huo, the surgery’s over.”

Huo Siqian nodded; he then took out an envelope-full of American dollars and handed it to the doctor. “Dr. Zhao, I don’t want anyone to hear about what happened tonight.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Huo, my lips are sealed.”

“How is he?”

“He survived, but his right hand will never recover, and he won’t be able to use it anymore. Make sure he takes good care of that wound.

“Okay, I understand.” Huo Siqian nodded. After walking the doctor out, he came back to see Ah-Li awake.

“B-boss… I’m sorry…” Ah-Li said, his voice weak and feeble.

“Don’t apologize to me, I don’t have men as stupid as you are. Once you get better, I’m going to give you some money and you can leave.”

“Boss, I don’t want money, I just want to work with you.”

“You can’t use your right hand anymore, what use do I have for you?” Huo Siqian looked at him coldly.


“Forget it, you’ve been with me for five years, I didn’t think you would be so rash. I’m disappointed in you.” Huo Siqian then turned around angrily.

“Boss, I will do everything I can to kidnap Ms. Huo for you.”

Ah-Li knew what his boss wanted, so he tried to use this to make up for his mistakes.

Upon hearing what Li said, Huo Siqian immediately turned around. “If you try to touch Mian, I will throw you into a meat grinder…”

Then, an angry Huo Siqian stormed upstairs…

“Brother Li, take good care of yourself, okay? Boss is in a bad mood, and he hasn’t gotten a night of good sleep in days.”

If Huo Siqian could kidnap Huo Mian, he would’ve done so already!

He always thought that Mian would fall in love with him, as long as he was given the chance. Therefore, he didn’t want to force himself onto her.

“Qin Chu, way to provoke me by hurting my people… good for you. Game on, what goes around comes around, let’s see who dies first…” Huo Siqian sneered as he slammed close his room door.

After a busy Monday morning, the twins went to the golf course with Su Yu while Qin Chu attended a large-scale charity event he was invited to.

After walking out of her morning meeting and into her office, Bella told Huo Mian that someone was waiting to see her.

Curious, Huo Mian looked towards the door to see a beautiful figure walk towards her.



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