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(I Want You to be Happy (6)

“I’m thinking about that too, Grandpa Su,” Huo Mian smiled and replied.

“The daycare in the Army District is pretty good. There’s good security and the school’s strict… The great thing about it is that if they want to enlist when they grow older, they can apply to the army school with lower grade requirements.”

“Dad, they’re girls. Why would they need to go into the army school… Are you growing too old… Mian would be worried sick if they enlisted… Even if Mian and Chu allowed this, we wouldn’t… The army is tough and you should know that better than anyone else.” Mr. Su seemed to be very worried about the girls.

“What are you talking about… Even though the army is tough, it trains people… Besides, protecting the country is the highest honor anyone could have…”

When the old man said this, he sounded very dignified…

Huo Mian and Qin Chu looked at each other and smiled.

“Grandpa Su, you’re right. My daughters aren’t that spoiled. We’ll discuss this further when we go home… If we really can’t find a good daycare for them, we’ll come to ask Grandpa Su for help to get them into the Army District kindergarten. At least then, their safety would be guaranteed…”

“See… At the end of the day, Mian knows best.” Grandpa Su seemed to be satisfied with Huo Mian’s answer.

Just then, Mrs. Su came down from upstairs…

“Look. Grandma Su is super pretty…” Little Bean screamed at the top of her lungs, and everyone looked towards the stairs, their gazes landing on Mrs. Su.

She was a beautiful woman whose skin was snow-white… Even though she was now older, she was still very graceful…

Huo Mian thought that Mrs. Su was very elegant and graceful, like someone from a wealthy and well-educated family, even though Mrs. Su was from a normal family.

The grace and elegance was something that seeped out from within and could not be easily imitated.

“This color matches you really well, Mrs. Su.” Huo Mian smiled.

“It’s all because of her aura…” Qin Chu was usually fairly indifferent but he suddenly praised Mrs. Su.

Grandpa Su and Mr. Su both nodded.

Especially Mr. Su, he pretended to be calm. “Yeah. The material is very good.”

“Huh? Grandpa Su, the material is good, but what about the person??” Little Bean ran over and intentionally nagged. (TL note: Mr. Su is Little Bean’s grandpa, and Grandpa Su would be Little Bean’s great grandpa)

“You little devil… You sure are getting more and more naughty…”

“Grandpa Su, you should praise Grandma Su… You don’t praise her that much but Grandma Su is really beautiful today… You can’t be stingy with your compliments…” Little Bean continued to pull on Grandpa Su’s hands.

“Umm… yes… She’s very pretty.”

Finally, after Little Bean’s forceful act, Mr. Su finally said the following words – she is indeed very pretty, despite him normally acting serious and stern…

But, Mrs. Su was so satisfied by her husband’s compliments that even her face blushed a beautiful shade of red.

“Thank you, Mian, Chu… Thank you… You really didn’t have to…” Mrs. Su smiled and thanked them.

“Auntie Su, you’re welcome… you’re all like family to us, and none of these are expensive gifts… We just wanted to thank you for taking care of us…” Huo Mian didn’t want them to feel pressured, so she rushed to explain.

“We understand… Oh? Dinner is almost ready. Come on, let’s head to the dining room.”

Mrs. Su called everyone over to the dining room…

Pudding looked up and turned towards the front door. She frowned and asked, “Where’s Handsome Su?”

“I called him… He’s coming here after work so he should probably arrive soon,” Mrs. Su answered.

They went over to the dining room and suddenly, they heard the noise of a sports car engine…

Upon hearing this, Little Bean and Pudding ran out like the wind…

“Wow… It’s a Lamborghini… Handsome Su is back…”

Little Bean and Pudding both rushed to greet the person at the car door.

To their surprise, it wasn’t Su Yu, but…

“Hey, Little Bean. Hey Pudding. How are you…” A delicate-looking woman in a pink mink jacket with long straight hair greeted them.

Little Bean and Pudding both retreated upon seeing who it was, showing their dislike and hostility.

Huo Mian looked over and realized that the person was Jian Tong.

Just as she was wondering why Jian Tong was here, Su Yu entered through the front door after her.

“Hey you little two, did you miss me?” Su Yu smiled as he walked in to change shoes.

“Handsome Su… Why’d you bring some outsider here… Didn’t you know today was a family reunion?” Little Bean asked unhappily, directly categorizing Jian Tong as an ‘outsider’.




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