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(I Only Want Revenge (1)

Huo Mian jogged over to help up the woman being beaten, and she saw that it was actually Huo Yanyan.

It had been a few years since they last saw each other. She looked almost the same, except that her expression seemed to have become more mature.

“Who are you? Mind your own business, we’re disciplining this shameless mistress…” a woman arrogantly said.

“Yanyan, what’s going on?” Huo Mian frowned.

“I’m not a mistress, they’re slandering me…” Huo Yanyan was flustered, with messy hair and a torn blouse.

The fact that a crowd gathered to watch made her feel mortified.

Huo Mian turned around to shoo them away and saw a woman with a pink Hermes handbag standing on the edge of the crowd.

It was Wei Ying, Wei Liao’s younger sister.

Wei Ying was also surprised to see Huo Mian. She approached the latter and greeted her, “Sister Mian, how come you are here?”

Because of Jiang Xiaowei, Wei Ying and Huo Mian had dinner together a few times.

They weren’t very close, but Wei Ying knew that her sister-in-law, Jiang Xiaowei, and Huo Mian were really good friends.

“Ying, what’s going on?” Huo Mian asked.

“This woman seduced my husband, she was already after Mingxi before we even got married. She’s a married woman now, but she is still clinging onto my husband. She’s such a whore. I am going to teach her a lesson…” Wei Ying viciously looked at Huo Yanyan and blamed her.

Huo Mian tilted her head, and before she could say anything, Huo Yanyan hastily explained, “I didn’t, it was a misunderstanding. What she said is not true…”

Huo Mian looked at Huo Yanyan’s eyes and thought that she was telling the truth. They had known each other for years, and Huo Mian knew that somebody like her could not keep a secret.

Huo Mian thought for a second and walked up to Wei Ying.

“Ying, considering our friendship, please let it go… We’re in public, let’s not let it get ugly…” Huo Mian tried to convince her.

Wei Ying wasn’t happy with that, but she knew about Huo Mian’s power and status.

“Since you said so, I’ll let it go. But… Huo Yanyan, if I ever catch you approaching my husband with your wicked intentions, don’t blame me for ripping your face into shreds…” Wei Ying warned.

She finally let Huo Yanyan go because of Huo Mian.

Huo Mian took off her black coat and put it on Huo Yanyan.

She dragged the woman out of the shopping mall and into a cafe.

Huo Yanyan finally recovered after some rest…

Huo Mian poured her a cup of hot water and put it in front of her.

“Have some.”

“Thank you.” Huo Yanyan never would have believed that Huo Mian would be the one helping her out in times of need after she fell from her high status.

“Wei Ying seems to despise you,” Huo Mian calmly stated.

Huo Yanyan nodded. “It’s because she knows that I used to like Shen Mingxi.”

“It’s been so long, why would she hold that against you? Unless… Do you still have contact with Young Master Shen?” Huo Mian inquired.

Huo Yanyan’s expression changed. She took a small sip of her water and answered, “Yes.”

Huo Mian looked at her and didn’t say anything.

“Huo Mian, I got divorced.”

“Why?” Huo Mian was a little shocked.

She happened to bump into Huo Yanyan on the day of her wedding and even gave her a red pocket. She thought that the construction manager Huo Yanyan was marrying seemed a little old, but he at least looked like he cared about Huo Yanyan.

“Why did you divorce after three years?”

“He had another woman on the other side, and he didn’t want to break up with her. He didn’t care about me and my daughter and spent all of our money on that woman. He didn’t even want to pay for our daughter when she got sick,” Huo Yanyan hatefully said.

“How long have you been divorced?” Upon hearing of what happened to Huo Yanyan, Huo Mian felt sympathetic…



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