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(I Am Willing to Accompany You in Acting (1)

“Mom… Does it matter if it’s real or not? Anyways, I already have a girlfriend. Isn’t the world at peace?” Su Yu was tired, and he seemed unwilling to talk more about his relationship with Jian Tong.

“Of course it matters! It is better to go without than have something shoddy… My son, you’ve been single all these years. You’ve held on to your own views that you want to find somebody you really like. How can you suddenly give up…” Mrs. Su earnestly advised.

“What else can I do aside from giving up? As for Mian… I’ve already given her up graciously… As long as Qin Chu is here, she won’t be able to see anyone else…” Su Yu looked lonely.

“But Huo Mian is not the only girl in the world… You can’t give up the whole forest for one tree… Although Mian is a good girl, she already has a happy family of her own… You can’t be an illicit lover.”

“Mom… Who’s going to be an illicit lover? Aren’t you going too far?” Su Yu held his head in exasperation.

“Anyways… the Su Family will not let Jian Tong into our family.”

“Mom… What are you talking about? Who’s going to join our family? Who said I will marry her…” Su Yu looked at his mother helplessly.

“Aren’t you going to…?”

“I’m just dating her, we’re not getting married… I’ve already made up my mind. I’ll… live as an unmarried man… Never to marry in this lifetime… As for grandchildren, don’t worry, I’ll use test tubes to get some grandchildren for you, okay?

“Eh? What are you talking about?” Mrs. Su was obviously unhappy.

“Well… I’m going back to my mansion now as I still have some work to do… Mom, it’s best if you go to bed early… Otherwise, you won’t be as beautiful.”

After that, without waiting for Mrs. Su to say anything more, Su Yu turned around and left.

Looking at her son’s back, Mrs. Su was worried…

She sighed a little and went upstairs.

“What did the brat say?” Grandpa Su came out of the study and asked sternly.

“Dad… I think… He was hit a little hard over Mian’s situation. It looks like he has somewhat given up on himself.”

“Given up on himself? Hum… Tell him to not say he’s a member of our family anymore… He’s bringing shame to the Su Family name. Also, tell him to never bring that woman here again!” Grandpa Su looked angry. He went back to his room with his hands behind his back.

This left Mrs. Su in a difficult spot… The old was angry, and the young was disobedient.

How great would it be if Mian could become her daughter-in-law…

Not knowing since when, Mrs. Su also subconsciously began to have this greedy wish.

On the way back, the twins did not say a word and seemed very unhappy.

Huo Mian knew that they must still be angry about Su Yu and Jian Tong.

“Pudding… You went a little too far today. You shouldn’t talk to Uncle Su like that. Uncle Su has always cared for you and Little Bean very much. He must be very sad that you talked back to him like that.” Huo Mian started to lecture her daughter.

“Then what should I say? Praise that his new girlfriend is beautiful? Or praise that they make a cute couple? That’s not my style.” Pudding was not in high spirits, answering Huo Mian’s question while looking out the window.

“I mean… Your Uncle Su is an adult after all. He has a reason for the choices he makes. You’re only a child. Don’t be so rude. What you said today in front of so many people really embarrassed Uncle Su.” Huo Mian slowed down her words and tried to persuade Pudding. She didn’t want the Su Family to think that she didn’t teach her daughters well.

“Mommy, weren’t you feeling awkward by what Handsome Su did?” Pudding asked a question in reply.



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