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(The Domineering Sister Duo (6)

Ever since Qin Chu came back and Huo Mian’s family became whole again, Tang Chuan had been filled with anger.

Even though Wei Liao tried again and again to calm him down, Tang Chuan still continued to say mean things to Huo Mian because he had a very direct personality.

“Chuan, don’t say that. Mian and her family are here to see Yu and I’m sure he’s going to be happy to see them,” Mrs. Su corrected him.

“Auntie…” Tang Chuan was still not satisfied.

Just then, Su Yu’s doctor walked out of the patient room.

“Doctor, how’s my son?” Mrs. Su immediately asked

“Young Master Su has stabilized, he should be fine… It’s just that he hasn’t been eating and resting properly so his immune system was weakened… I’ve given him the right needles and he’s getting his nutrition fluids now. Feel free to go in to see him.”

“Thank you, doctor!”

Then, Mrs. Su led everyone into the patient’s room.

Su Yu was slowly regaining consciousness; if Tang Chuan hadn’t come looking for him and noticed that he was in bed all this time, no one would have discovered that he was burning up, and his fever was so high that he was no longer lucid.

“You guys all came… It’s really nothing serious to have you all come.” Su Yu tried to squeeze out a smile.

“Handsome Su… I’m really worried about you.” Little Bean couldn’t help but start crying.

Then, she ran over to Su Yu’s bedside…

“Don’t cry Little Bean… Uncle Su is fine,” Su Yu gently spoke to the little girl.

Pudding slowly went over. She was less extroverted compared to Little Bean and didn’t like to show her emotions. Still, although she didn’t cry out loud as Little Bean did, tears still circled her eyes.

“Handsome Su, you need to get well soon… You promised me that you’d teach me how to drive.”

“Shhh… You have to be more secretive about it. If your mom finds out, she’d skin me.” Su Yu looked rather scared.

If Huo Mian knew that Su Yu was going to teach Pudding how to drive, she would probably go berserk!

“It’s okay. Mommy has Daddy now so she doesn’t have time for the two of us,” Pudding said in a low voice.

Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh and lovingly pat Pudding on the head.

There were a lot of people there that day so it wasn’t a good time to chat. Therefore, Qin Chu and Huo Mian just stayed for a bit and left.

Pudding and Little Bean stayed because they didn’t want to leave, so Su Yu arranged for An to drive them home later.

When they drove home, Qin Chu didn’t say a word.

“Honey, what are you thinking about?”

“I’m just wondering why our daughters seem so worried about Su Yu.”

“Haha… did you just realize?” Huo Mian laughed at Qin Chu’s slow reaction.

“Have they always been like this?”

“They’ve been like this ever since they learned how to talk. Kids are rather simple-minded, you see. They love whoever treats them well… and Su Yu has been really good to the twins. He’d give them whatever they wanted… so it’s only normal for the sisters to love him… What’s the matter? Are you jealous?”

“No… I’m just worried about something now.”

“What is it?” Huo Mian asked. She was a bit shocked by how serious Qin Chu was being.

“When they grow up… would they view this reliance as love?” Qin Chu sounded rather worried.

He initially thought that Pudding and Little Bean were just joking but now he realized that the twins were really serious about Su Yu.

That was why Qin Chu started to really seriously consider this as a potential problem.

“Hahaha… you’re so funny. I’m dying.” When Huo Mian heard Qin Chu’s concern, she laughed hysterically.


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