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(I Want You to be Happy (5)

“Oh… you were right, Little Bean. There really is a present to me…” Mrs. Su accepted the box with a big smile on her face.

Then, she walked over to where Huo Mian and the others were, slowly opening the box in front of everyone.

There was a light blue Cheongsam inside the box… It was embroidered with gold silk and looked extremely elegant…

The main highlight was that the material was very light… It was obviously a fine piece of work.

“Qin Chu gave me the textile a while ago… He gave me two colors of the same material, so I made one for you according to your dress size and the other for my mom. She prefers darker colors, so her cheongsam is moss green. I thought this matches you very well because you’re very elegant and graceful, just like an orchid.”

“You sure know how to make me happy… This Cheongsam is so beautiful and the textile isn’t just some normal material…” Mrs. Su exclaimed as her hand glided over the material.

Mrs. Su had worn many Cheongsams over the years.

She would wear Cheongsams during traditional Chinese holidays and the aura she gave out was incredible.

Since she wore it so often, she knew a lot about it, especially the different types of materials. She thought about the ones she owned and realized she had nothing similar.

Qin Chu said quietly, “Mrs. Su, this material is the Rainbow Cloud Brocade from Southern Anhui province. Have you heard of it?”

“Rainbow Cloud Brocade? Oh my… isn’t that from the Jiang Workshop that used to supply the aristocrats during the Ming Dynasty? I heard it was solely for the aristocrats… Then in the early 20th century, the workshop went out of business and the textile disappeared from the market… I’ve heard people talk about it but I’ve never seen one for myself… I heard my mother-in-law say that her mother, who was the head of the family, once had a dress made from Rainbow Cloud Brocade… Then, when war erupted, they were robbed and the dress vanished… It’s impossible to find the dress now…”

“Qin Chu knew about the material and asked some friends to help look around to get two batches of these textiles… We made two dresses from it, one for you and one for my mom. Hurry Mrs. Su, try it on for us. You’d look amazing in it for sure.” Huo Mian smiled gently.

“Only two…? Then you don’t have one?” Mrs. Su looked at Huo Mian.

“I’m in no rush… My mom can pass the dress down to me… You should keep this one and maybe one day, pass it on to Su Yu’s wife…” Huo Mian said jokingly.

Pudding held onto Mrs. Su’s hand. “Grandma Su, I’ll go upstairs with you to get changed. I can help you hold the bottom of the dress so you don’t slip.”

“Haha. Good girl. All my love for you wasn’t wasted.” Mrs. Su was so happy that she kept rubbing Pudding’s face.

Little Bean was jealous so she let go of the walnut she was eating. “Qin Zhaozhao. You’re so shameless. That’s my right…”

“Your right? What are you talking about? Licking someone’s shoes?” Pudding asked.

Little Bean was speechless.

The sisters’ argument made everyone burst into laughter…

Then, Mrs. Su let the twins go upstairs with her so she could get changed into the Cheongsam. Qin Chu and Huo Mian stayed downstairs with Grandpa Su and Mr. Su.

Mr. Su loved this Orchid Pavilion Elegant Charm inkstone so much that he continued holding onto it.

Qin Chu said, “Uncle Su, this inkstone is a bit big because it was made from a full stone and the creator didn’t want to break it… The end creation isn’t that pretty but you can put it in a collection… If you want to actually use the ink, it might be a bit too big and hard to hold…”

“Huh? Who told you that… I say it’s very easy to use. I like using big ones, really comfortable with a lot of room, haha…” Mr. Su’s happy laughter echoed in the room.

“Mian… the twins are old enough for school now, you shouldn’t homeschool them forever. Shouldn’t you send them off to school? Are there any good daycares on your mind?” Grandpa Su looked at Huo Mian and suddenly changed the topic.



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