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(All I Want is Revenge (10)

“I guess… he’s just really busy,” Bella said, unable to hide her disappointment.

“Bella, I’m not trying to hurt you, but long-distance relationships are fragile. You’re not with him, so it’s hard for you to know what’s really going on. You should carefully examine your relationship and make realistic plans. After all, you’re not a child anymore, it’s time for you to get married and start a family.”

Bella and Huo Mian were of similar age; she began working a while ago, so she was more mature than girls her own age.

Sometimes, Huo Mian treated her more like a friend than an assistant, and they would often chat about things other than work.

“President Huo, I know what you mean. I’m going to give it some consideration.”

“Mhm, I’m glad. You should go home too, let’s head out together.”

As Huo Mian and Bella walked out of the company, the employees all said goodbye.

“Goodnight, President Huo.”

“See you tomorrow, President Huo.”

Bella was well-liked in the office, so she received quite a lot of presents. As they walked out of the company, Huo Mian glanced down at the bag in her hand. “This looks familiar.”

“Director Jing gave this to me,” Bella said truthfully.

“Look at that, I’m surprised that my little nerdy brother knows how to buy presents for girls now, so magical.” Huo Mian chuckled.

Just as she finished her sentence, Zhixin walked out of the elevator and into the company lobby. “Sis, I’m taking your car home today.”

“Where’s your car?” Huo Mian glanced at him.

“I took it to the shop; the line was long today so I couldn’t get it back.”

“Mhm, you’re driving then.”

“Um, you’re so bossy. Why do I have to be your free chauffeur after work…” Zhixin mumbled as he glanced at Bella. “It’s your birthday today, didn’t your boss give you anything?”

“She did…” Bella smiled.

Huo Mian looked at her little brother on purpose. “Didn’t you give her a present as well?”

“Ahem, I obviously had to. We’re close colleagues anyways,” Zhixin explained, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Oh? Why didn’t you buy Yang anything on his birthday? I thought you guys were good colleagues as well.”

“Um… he’s a man, guys don’t give each other presents for their birthdays,” Zhixin argued.

Before Huo Mian could say anything else, Zhixin began running towards the door. “Sis, wait for me by the entrance, I’m going to drive your car up!”

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian smiled and waved goodbye to Bella.

On their way home, Huo Mian looked at Zhixin, who was sitting in the driver’s seat. “Zhixin.”


“You like Bella, don’t you?” Huo Mian asked matter-of-factly.

Upon hearing her question, Jing Zhixin’s hands trembled ever-so-slightly on the steering wheel.

“Why are you so nervous? Is something going on between the two of you?” Huo Mian smiled at her brother, who shook his head. “Nothing, Sis, you’re thinking too much.”

“I’m not, just tell me, alright? I saw the present you gave her, it’s the necklace Pudding and Little Bean were talking about last night, right? You have good taste, little brat.”

“Do I? But she has a boyfriend,” Zhixin said, a little unhappily.

“Wow, you know she has a boyfriend? Are you still going to deny having feelings for her?”

“I bought her this present before I found out that she had a boyfriend and was going to treat her to dinner tonight. I gave her the present as a colleague, nothing’s going on between us, really,” Zhixin said in a self-consoling tone.

“Her boyfriend didn’t come today…”

“What?” With a loud ‘screech’, the car immediately came to a stop by the side of the road.

“Hey! Why did you suddenly stop the car, you really scared me!”

“Sis, what did you say just now?”

“Why did you suddenly stop the car…”

“No no, the sentence before that.”

“Um… her boyfriend didn’t come today?”

“He didn’t come to see Bella today?” Zhixin asked, hardly able to control his excitement.



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