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( Your Daughters Are Mobsters (5)

Pudding looked up and stared deeply into Wei Yunchu’s eyes. Then, she turned back and smiled at Huo Mian. “Don’t worry, Yunchu will never tell on us again.”

“Why do Pudding’s words sound so weird?” Jiang Xiaowei couldn’t help but chuckle.

Wei Yunchu tightly hugged Jiang Xiaowei’s neck. “Mommy, I want to go home. I’m scared.”

Pudding and Little Bean always revealed their ‘evil’ side during family gatherings. While Qin Chu was proud, Huo Mian was a little worried.

After dinner, the family of four headed back to South Hill Manor. The twins had fallen asleep in the backseat from exhaustion.



“The twins aren’t really going to grow up to become mobsters, right?” Huo Mian asked, her tone filled with concern.

Upon hearing this, Qin Chu broke out in laughter.

“What are you laughing about?” she asked with confusion.

“Honey, you’re thinking too much. They’re only three years old. Plus, they’re not bad kids, just a little domineering and vengeful.”

“My God, isn’t that enough? They’re girls, what if their tempers become magnified in the future?”

“Pudding and Little Bean are… a little dominant,” Qin Chu analyzed.

“They’re not like us at all in that aspect.”

“Mhm, they’re like their auntie,” Qin Chu immediately said without thinking.

“Like their auntie?” Huo Mian always became excited upon hearing about her younger sister.

“They take after Lu Yan’s personality… She’s flashy, impatient, high-key, and extremely vengeful… Most importantly, she’s fearless, and everyone is afraid of her.”

Qin Chu remembered talking to Lu Yan when he was performing surgery on Qiao Fei in Moscow. Although he didn’t know too much about her, he had heard so much about the legendary Lu Yan.

“Lu Yan’s only twenty years old. I feel bad after hearing about her life. Compared to her, I’m the lucky one, at least I’ve got a stable life.”

“That’s why your father never came looking for you throughout the years, even though he knew where you were the entire time.”

“Life is sure magical sometimes… Blood sisters can experience dramatically different lives as well. If it were me, I seriously don’t know if I can survive her life… I wonder how she stuck through all these years.”

“At the end of one road is another road, and at the end of death is life. Lu Yan is who she is today because of how she was raised.”

“Are we alike?” Huo Mian couldn’t help but ask.

“You don’t look alike, but your personalities are somewhat similar…”

“How so?” Huo Mian asked, filled with curiosity.

“You guys are both extremely stubborn, persisting no matter what. Lu Yan’s been like that this entire time.”

“I wonder when I’ll get to meet her,” Huo Mian said, her eyes sparkling. The fact that she had a sister proved that life was full of surprises.

“Soon. Once Ian is dealt with, everything will be good. I think that’s what Professor Lu wants as well.”

Qin Chu’s car sped into the night…

– South America, Rio de Janeiro –

Lu Yan attended a business dinner party in a hot-red, long dress. She communicated with the guests in perfect English and Portuguese, drawing the attention of all the guests present, as they wondered who this beautiful oriental beauty was.

“Boss, everything’s ready, it’s going to explode in ten minutes. We can leave now,” one of her subordinates, dressed in a waiter’s uniform, whispered in her ear.

“Mhm.” Lu Yan smiled; she put down her wine glass and quickly headed out towards the exit.

“Yan… long time no see.”

Lu Yan never expected to see this person, right when she was about to leave the scene. How did he manage to circumvent her people and appear so suddenly before her?

“Hi… Ian,” Lu Yan turned around and helplessly greeted the man in front of her.



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