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( Going to Marry Handsome Su When I Grow Up (5)

“I’m fine… Huo Siqian’s not trying to kidnap me. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“Okay then…” Although An didn’t want to leave, he still listened to Su Yu and went back to protecting Huo Mian and her family.

Qin Chu’s return transformed Huo Mian from an iron woman to a shy teenager.

On their way home in the spacious Mercedes, Huo Mian held Qin Chu’s arm as tight as she could, worried that he might disappear again if she let go.

“Mommy… Daddy’s not going anywhere, you don’t have to hold onto him so tightly,” Little Bean couldn’t take it anymore and complained as she munched on some chips.

Qin Chu pinched Little Bean’s face with a smile. “Mommy just really missed Daddy.”

“What about you, Daddy? Did you miss Mommy and us?”

“Of course I did.”

“Then why did you wait so long to come home…”

Little Bean’s words sent Qin Chu into silence. Pudding, on the other hand, glanced at her dad. “Daddy, you came back at a good time, or else Handsome Su would’ve snatched Mommy away from you.”

“Ahem, what are you talking about, Pudding?” Huo Mian coughed; she truly wondered if she was the one who gave birth to these brats. How could they be this scary sometimes…

“She wouldn’t have been snatched away. Daddy knows that your mommy only loves Daddy.”

“So… Daddy, you’re really confident and prideful. I’m just like you in that aspect,” Pudding said proudly.

Little Bean immediately butted in, “Daddy, my IQ’s really like yours…”

“Can you guys be quiet for a while? Can you please let us enjoy some alone time?” Huo Mian finally couldn’t take it anymore.

It took more than an hour for them to drive back to South Hill Manor, and it was already 10 PM when they arrived.

The mansion was completely lit. Ever since Huo Mian and the kids moved back, this place felt like home again. Zhixin and Yang Meirong were worried that Huo Mian might feel lonely, so they moved in as well.

Qin Chu looked at the mansion, feeling something warm well up in his eyes.

Uncle Li cried out in happiness when he saw Qin Chu. “Young Master, you…”

“Uncle Li, I’m home.” Qin Chu smiled.

“This is amazing, this is amazing! The family is whole again!” Uncle Li couldn’t help his tears from falling; he was obviously emotional. “Have you had dinner yet, Young Master?”

“I have… I’m fine, it’s late, you guys should get some rest.”

“Mom, can you get the kids up to bed? I need to talk to Qin Chu alone,” Huo Mian said to her mother, who nodded and held the twins by their hands. “Come, go upstairs to bed with Grammy, alright?”

Pudding looked at Huo Mian and Qin Chu with an unknowable expression on her face. “So… are you guys casting us aside to enjoy alone time?”

Little Bean immediately added, “Are we going to have a young brother soon?”

The words from the twins left the couple completely speechless…

“Ahem, go to bed, you two. It’s not the time for nonsense. I really need to talk to your teacher tomorrow, what is she teaching you guys?” Huo Mian said, completely helpless.

The good thing was they were all family here, or else she might feel incredibly awkward by the twins’ remarks.

How desperate did they think she was?

As soon as Huo Mian and Qin Chu walked into their bedroom, the latter pulled her down onto the bed. Upon thinking about what the twins just said, Huo Mian’s face immediately lit up with embarrassment.


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