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( Scandal of the Huo Corporation (1)

“Of course not… I’m your Handsome Su, no? Am I not always smart and brave? How would I allow someone to treat me like their backup? That’s just ridiculous,” Su Yu responded without hesitation.

“Of course Su Yu’s not going to admit it because he’s protecting your mommy…” Tang Chuan was obviously not satisfied with the answer.

“Uncle Wei, what do you think?” Pudding turned around and looked at Wei Liao.

“Huh?” Wei Liao didn’t expect to be dragged into this.

Little Bean immediately ran over and held onto Wei Liao’s hand. “Yes, Uncle Wei, you are not involved in it… You can probably offer a convincing argument.”

“I think… um… your mommy isn’t treating Yu like her backup… After all, he can’t even count as a backup.”

“Damn it, Wei Liao. Are you just trying to belittle me now?” Su Yu sat up looking angry.

“Haha… See, you aren’t even her backup…” Tang Chuan laughed hysterically.

“I mean… it’s something good that you’re not her even her backup… Backups aren’t worth anything… Only when your tires break would you need to switch them up with backup tires… Huo Mian only has one husband… We really shouldn’t be talking about this…” Wei Liao said out of fairness.

“Uncle Wei’s words sound very neutral and convincing… Of the five people in this room, it’s four against one…”

Tang Chuan was speechless.

“So Uncle Tang, please don’t say bad things about our mother again… If we hear you say bad things about her behind her back again…” Pudding said slowly.

Tang Chuan crossed his arms and laughed, “What are you going to do to me?”

“We have a lot of methods to deal with you… Don’t test us…Don’t try crossing my older sister’s bottom line… She’s really terrifying…” Little Bean said, sending everyone into rabid laughter.

Just then, Mrs. Su and the nurse came in to change Su Yu’s fluids.

“Little Bean, Pudding, are you two hungry yet? Grandma Su can take you out for dinner.” Mrs. Su really spoiled the twins.

“Grandma Su… We’re good… We should head back now since Handsome Su is alright.”

“So soon? I haven’t spent enough time with you…” Mrs. Su looked reluctant to part.

Little Bean ran over and hugged Mrs. Su’s leg. She was once again playing her cuteness. “Grandma Su, don’t be sad. We’ll go to visit you soon. We can visit Grandpa Su and Great Grandpa too. Can you make your famous Osmanthus fragrant grape cake for us?”

“Of course. I’ll make you guys anything you want.” Mrs. Su’s heart was already melted by the cuteness.

“Grandma Su, is Uncle An outside?” Pudding asked calmly.

“Yes. I’ll have him send you two home.”

“Okay.” Pudding nodded.

Then Pudding turned around, looked at Su Yu, and said, “Handsome Su, take care of yourself and get well soon.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. You two don’t need to worry about me. You don’t need to come to see me; it’s too dangerous,” Su Yu said worriedly.

“Handsome Su… Remember to tell me what you want to eat… I’ll have our maid make it and bring it to you,” Little Bean added.

“You don’t need to use Handsome Su as an excuse to eat.” Pudding glanced helplessly at her younger sister.

“Come on, I really do care about Handsome Su!”

“Okay, you two. Don’t argue. Hurry and go home. Call me when you arrive home safely.”

Su Yu reminded them.

“Okay. We’ll leave now but you have to be good.” Little Bean looked at Su Yu as if she didn’t want to leave.

“I’ll be good.” Su Yu smiled.

“Good, and don’t flirt with nurses…” Pudding said as she walked out of the room with her head held up high before everyone else could react to what she just said…



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