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( Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (1)

Huo Mian teared up; Qin Chu was the only person who truly thought in her shoes, and he paid attention to what she wanted like it was his own.

Ever since she had known him, he had tried his best to realize all of her greatest wishes in life. When she was young, she wanted to be a doctor. Therefore, Qin Chu studied medicine in the U.S. for seven years.

She said she wanted to find her family, and Qin Chu tried his best to help her find the truth, even losing a few of his best men.

She said that she wanted to keep their marriage a secret, so he did.

After getting married, she said she wanted to keep working at South Side, so he asked Rick to secretly protect her.

As long as Huo Mian wanted it, Qin Chu would be doing it.

Mr. Qin wasn’t incredibly articulate, but he always proved how much he loved Huo Mian through his actions.

That was Qin Chu, the man Huo Mian had loved for many years. He was calm, collected, kept his temperament under wraps, and was extremely decisive.

“As for Professor Lu, I’ll…”

“Honey, let’s not talk about them. I’m not worried as long as I know they’re not in danger. You just got home, get some rest. I don’t want you to tire yourself out.”

“Are you sending me some kind of signal, Honey?” Qin Chu glanced gently at her.

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian’s face turned into a red apple.

“Honey, your face is so red, what are you thinking about?”

“Nothing, I’m not like you… Just because you have a dirty mind doesn’t mean I do…” Huo Mian refuted angrily upon realizing that Qin Chu saw right through her thoughts.

Then, she straddled and tickled him… Qin Chu grabbed both of her hands and flipped over, putting her body beneath his.

She stared silently into his eyes; their faces were so close together that their eyelashes touched…

Huo Mian felt her heart beating so fast that it seemed as if they had just gotten married.

“Although I really want to gobble you up, right now I’d rather hug you to sleep…” Qin Chu said, gently pecking Huo Mian on the forehead. “Goodnight, Mian.”

“Goodnight, Honey,” Huo Mian replied, her heart as warm as a toasted marshmallow.

Just like that, she snuggled into Qin Chu’s embrace and fell asleep happily, all while holding his hand.

– Midnight –

Thirsty, Huo Mian wanted to get up and get some water, but she freaked out upon opening her eyes. Qin Chu was sitting right beside her, quietly staring at her face.

“Why aren’t you asleep?”

“I didn’t see you enough yet…”

“Dummy, you’ll get to stare at me every day, go to bed, alright?” Huo Mian pulled Qin Chu down and pushed him onto the bed. She then tried to get up, but Qin Chu tightly held onto her hand.

“I wanted to go and get some water…”

“I’ll go and get it for you,” Qin Chu said, getting up and handing Huo Mian a glass of water from the coffee table, and he watched as Huo Mian drank the entire glass.

Then, he pulled out a tissue paper and wiped off the corner of her lips.

“I’m going back to bed now, I can’t keep my eyes open…” Huo Mian said, half-asleep.

“Mhm, go back to sleep.”

So she did…

That night, she dreamt that she had Qin Chu were back in school, and of their sweet memories. The corner of her lips curled instinctively…

“Mian, you have no idea how much I missed you. 11 years have passed, that’s how long we weren’t in each other’s lives… I was supposed to be by your side all these years…” Qin Chu murmured to himself as he stared gently at Huo Mian. He didn’t want to close his eyes, no matter how tired they were.

He just sat by her side all night, quietly watching over her.

– In the neighboring room, on a king-sized pink princess bed –

After the twins tricked their Gramma into leaving, Little Bean tilted her head at her sister. “What did you say to Handsome Su behind my back today?” she interrogated.



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