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( What Goes Around Comes Around (5)

“Mian, it’s been so long!” The girl walked in with a smile on her mouth; the na├»ve look on her face had turned into mature beauty.

“Xixi, when did you come back?” Huo Mian asked, completely surprised.

Nie Lingxi… she hadn’t seen this girl in so long.

Xixi used to be so innocent, stubborn, and crazily in love with Rick.

Her long hair was now styled into brown shoulder-length curls, and her skin shone with youthful energy.

“I just got home yesterday.” Xixi smiled.

“Come, sit down, let me take a good look at you!” Huo Mian said, beyond what happiness could describe. Although she didn’t know Xixi very well, she was good at reading people. Although Xixi accidentally did something wrong, Huo Mian knew she didn’t do it on purpose. Others may think that she was either dumb or manipulative, but Huo Mian knew she was no more than a stubborn girl in front of the man she loved.

She was incredibly heartbroken by her breakup with Rick, and during the twins’ one-month-birthday party, Huo Mian tried to talk Rick into getting back together with her, thinking that Rick would for sure chase after Xixi…

But, that was the end of that.

Later on, something happened with Rick’s family in the United States, prompting him to sell Seductive Fox and leave. Huo Mian had never heard from him since then.

After waiting for what seemed like forever, Xixi left in despair to study in Singapore.

It had been three years since everything happened, but to Huo Mian, it seemed like just yesterday…

She asked, “How have you been, Xixi?”

“It was great. I learned a lot in Singapore and made a lot of friends.”

“Then… have you talked to Rick?” Huo Mian asked probingly.

“No.” Xixi’s expression revealed slight disappointment upon hearing Rick’s name, and Huo Mian caught it.

“I heard Mr. Qin’s back,” Xixi said with a smile.

“Mhm, he is.”

“Congratulations!” Xixi exclaimed, genuinely happy for Huo Mian.

“Thank you, I was surprised that my persistence didn’t fail me, and he really came back… Xixi, do you have a boyfriend?”

Huo Mian had a feeling that Xixi still cared about Rick; she was also scared that the latter hadn’t let go yet.

“Not yet, but my parents want to set me up. They’re saying that I’m old enough now, and I should probably think about marriage if the opportunity arises.” Xixi smiled bitterly.

“Then… have you tried contacting Rick?”

“No, never. It’s probably extremely easy for him to track me down, but over the last three years, he never once got in touch with me. He probably forgot all about me, haha.”

“Back then, I think something happened with his family, and he left the country in a rush, without even telling me. None of us knows where he went, and I really thought he would go looking for you…” Huo Mian knew Rick was an introvert, but he really did love Xixi – how could he not get in touch with her for three whole years?

Things sure have changed…

“I don’t care what happened to him, it’s all in the past. Mian, let’s not talk about him anymore. The twins are three years old now, right?”

Huo Mian nodded. “Yeah, they just had their birthday party a while ago.”

“Time sure flies… I can’t believe they’re three already,” Xixi exclaimed in a low voice. “Hey, do you have photos of them? I want to see if they changed.”

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian immediately took out her phone.

“Haha, they look so much like Mr. Qin! Twin genes sure are powerful, they look completely identical! Do you guys ever mix them up? How can you tell who’s Pudding and who’s Little Bean?” Xixi curiously asked.




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