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(Scandal of the Huo Corporation (2)

Pudding’s words shocked everyone…

The patient room became much quieter after the twins left.

“Oh my god, they finally left…” Tang Chuan let out a long sigh of relief.

“Don’t get on the twins’ bad side, they’re very crafty. Even Huo Mian doesn’t know how to deal with them,” Wei Liao laughed.

“Really though… I’m almost thirty and never have I seen such children… Are they even children? I feel like they’re going to become masters of some kind…”

“That can’t be helped… They have good genes from their parents… You could view it like genetic mutation. What do you think, Yu?” Wei Liao chuckled as he looked at Su Yu.

“Little Bean and Pudding are still kids, and no matter how mature they seem, they’re still incredibly innocent… Kids can only see good and evil. Only adults calculate benefits and costs… I really like them and sometimes, I greedily wish they were my daughters… How great would that be? Haha…” When Su Yu finished his sentence, he gave out a bitter smile.

“Okay, okay, let’s not daydream. She’s not even your wife, so how can they be your children… Yu… You should either find a girl from a good family, get married, and live the rest of your life peacefully with her or you can just play around as much as you want like how you used to… There are plenty of female artists under your company… If you keep chasing after Huo Mian, you’ll die a painful death..”

Tang Chuan tried persuading Su Yu again.

“I don’t think this path is difficult though. Ever since Mian moved into my family mansion four years ago, I’ve been the happiest I could ever be… I think that I’m too greedy sometimes. Compared to Qin Chu, I’m much happier… Even though he met Huo Mian in their teenage years, they were separated many times because of all sorts of misunderstandings… Up until now, they have been apart for as long as 11 years… Qin Chu deeply loves Huo Mian and that sort of separation to him is unspeakable pain… He just doesn’t show it.”

“Why are you speaking for your love rival?” Tang Chuan asked, shaking his head.

“I’m just stating facts… Okay… We shouldn’t dread on this topic anymore… Aren’t you two here to visit me? Shouldn’t you have gifts with you? How impolite of you guys to come empty-handed…”

Su Yu suddenly changed the topic, leaving Tang Chuan and Wei Liao flabbergasted.

When the twins arrived home, it was already past eight.

The kitchen had prepared some sweets and snacks, and Huo Mian was upstairs having a video conference.

Qin Chu sat downstairs with his daughters to eat.

He was sitting in the middle, carefully blowing the mixed grain congee to cool it down. Then he fed a spoonful to Pudding.

“Daddy, I want it too.” Little Bean immediately became jealous.

“Okay.” Qin Chu turned over and gave Little Bean a spoonful of congee.

“Where did you guys go today?” Little Bean asked curiously.

“We had dinner and we went to Rainbow Square for a walk.”

“Rainbow Square’s full of old women dancing… Why would you go there? Daddy, you have no taste…” Bean criticized.

Qin Chu answered with a smile. “That square is very special to me and Mommy. We used to hang out there when we were teenagers. We went there to reminisce. It had nothing to do with the atmosphere.”

“Okay, okay… But Daddy… You’re so handsome and from a good family… Mommy’s not that pretty or gentle, and she’s from such an ordinary family. Why would you choose her out of all the girls that attended 2nd High School? Is it because Mommy forced you into being her boyfriend?” Little Bean asked curiously.


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