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(Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (4)

“People are all different, Yu wouldn’t like Huo Mian so much if her values and character weren’t so upright rare… If Huo Mian was really someone who changed her mind like flipping the pages of a book, do you really think our Su Yu would’ve fallen for her?”

“Uh… you seem to have a point,” Tang Chuan muttered to himself.

“So, chill out, okay? Stop bothering the couple. It must not have been easy for Qin Chu and Huo Mian to be apart from each other for four whole years. We’re outsiders, they’re the real victims here. We can’t undermine Qin Chu’s love for Huo Mian just because we’re biased towards Yu. That’s not what gentlemen are supposed to do.”

“I was never a gentleman…” Tang Chuan mumbled.

“Go boil some hot water and make Su Yu some tea. If he keeps drinking, he’s going to get alcohol poisoning.”

“Oh… okay.”

After a good talking to from Wei Liao, Tang Chuan seemed to have come to his senses and immediately ran to the kitchen to make Su Yu tea.

Wei Liao, on the other hand, walked into Su Yu’s room, helping him up from the floor and onto his giant bed. “Yu, you can’t fight fate…”

“I get it, I get it…”

“I’m glad you do, because life has to go on… You can’t lose hope in life just because of what happened between you and Huo Mian.”

“I know,” Su Yu replied; his head hurt like a motherf*cker, but he wasn’t drunk at all.

Wei Liao let out a long sigh but didn’t say anything else.

Su Yu took out his phone, his blurred gaze lingering on the photo of Huo Mian on his screensaver.

Then, he opened up his WeChat friend circle and wrote, “I’ve listened to countless lectures on life, but my life is still a mess.”

Su Yu had thousands of friends of WeChat, consisting of female celebrities, company executives, clients, and second-generation heirs in his social circle.

Therefore, his message created a stir within his page.

“What’s wrong, Young Master Su? Did you break up with someone?”

“Don’t worry, President Su, you’ll survive anything.”

“What happened, President Su?”

“You seem to be in a bad mood, Young Master Su. Do you want to come out for a drink?”

Su Yu didn’t reply to any of his commenters…

– South Hill Manor the next morning –

Qin Chu barely slept the night before, and he woke up bright and early to make Huo Mian and the twins breakfast.

When Pudding and Little Bean came down, the dining table was filled with delicious dishes.

“Woah, there’s so much food! What’s the occasion?” Little Bean licked her lips while swallowing.

Today, the twins were wearing white long-sleeved sweaters paired with red checkered skirts. They looked incredibly cute in their red Mickey-Mouse headbands.

Huo Mian bought countless matching outfits for them, along with accessories and shoes. She surely treated them like princesses…

Indeed, Huo Mian loved her daughters dearly. Even when they made mistakes, Huo Mian never hit them and would only lecture them.

Pudding glanced arrogantly at Little Bean. “Did you wake up with your brain intact? It’s obvious that this is the first breakfast we are having with our daddy, okay? That’s why there are so many dishes…”

“Can you guys not bicker so early in the morning? At least pretend you guys get along, alright?” Huo Mian smiled.

“I can’t… but yeah, for Daddy, I’ll tolerate her for today,” Pudding said, walking up to Qin Chu and sitting down beside him. Then, she blinked her eyes and, with a baby voice, said to Qin Chu, “Good morning, Daddy.”

“Good morning, my Pudding.” Qin Chu’s expression filled with fatherly love.

Little Bean sat down on Qin Chu’s other side and asked curiously, “Daddy, how did you know that she’s Pudding and not Little Bean?”

“Because the legend has it that Pudding’s cold and prideful, and Little Bean’s ditzy and cute,” Qin Chu laughed.

“Do you like cold and prideful, or ditzy and cute?” Pudding asked.

“I like both…”

“That answer’s too diplomatic, I don’t like it… You have to choose one,” Pudding said, throwing a fastball down Qin Chu’s lane.


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