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( Scandal of the Huo Corporation (5)

Mo Xue’er recently collaborated with a foreign director and her movie was about to be released on the big screens in half a month.

Huo Entertainment already invested tens of millions into the project; therefore, the scandal meant that the consequences were going to be devastating.

“That b*tch… I already told her to be more discreet but she still got into trouble…”

“Sir… Qin Chu must have been behind this.”

“What’s the point of pointing fingers now? We need to deal with this first!”

Huo Siqian was so mad… that he called Mayor Yan right away.

“Mr. Mayor, have you read the news?”

“President Huo, I was just about to call you. What is all this about? How could something this big be exposed?” Mayor Yan asked, his tone filled with discontent.

“I’m sorry Mr. Mayor. This is probably some sort of mistake, perhaps a rival company is trying to smear my name… That’s why I’m hoping maybe you could help suppress the news for me.”

“How can I suppress the news? The police already arrested her… Someone reported this to the drug department. Plus, Director Gao’s son is the Vice Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau now… He’s very serious about his job, so my involvement might make things worse…”

Political figures always spoke in such a diplomatic way, and Huo Siqian caught on immediately.

“I understand. Sorry for disturbing you at such a late hour. I’ll think of another way.”

“Okay. You should deal with it soon because it’s a bad influence and the Huo Corporation might be dragged down with it.”

“I understand, Mr. Mayor.”

After hanging up the phone with the mayor, Huo Siqian was just about to call another government official to try to pacify this situation when one of his lackeys walked up to him.

“Sir, look… the Municipal Public Security Bureau already certified the validity of the news report on their official Weibo account… We’re in trouble.”

Huo Siqian looked very serious. He held his iPad and opened Weibo to find that post. When he saw it, his heart sank.

The Municipal Public Security Bureau posted: “Ms. Mo, a famous female actress, 30 years old, was arrested in a mansion in Dongxing Palace during a drug raid, along with three men and two women. Their urine tests are all positive… We have detained them and are conducting further investigation. Please stay away from drugs for your own health and safety.”

The bureau’s Weibo post was more than enough to prove that Mo Xue’er was indeed doing drugs. The intent was clear – they didn’t want Huo Siqian to be able to suppress this.

Weibo discussions were all leaning towards one side… and Mo Xue’er immediately appeared on various newspaper headlines.

There were over 400,000 comments on the selfie Mo Xue’er posted yesterday.

Huo Siqian scrolled down on the comments and saw that every single comment was slandering her.

“I couldn’t tell… You seemed like a goddess but you’re really a b*tch.”

“Wow. You’re dead for sure for doing drugs.”

“People doing drugs, regardless of gender, are all bastards… We should boycott people like her.”

“Mo Xue’er, get the f*ck out of the entertainment industry. I advise we ban her on the internet and everywhere else so she can’t show her pitiful face.”

“I never really liked her. She’s just a junkie the Huo Corporation raised! She’s been in bed with thousands of men. I don’t know why you idiots liked her so much.”

“I wonder how much the Huo Corporation is going to lose because of this. I heard that the movie “Night Walker” is coming out soon. It’s never going to reach the screens now and they invested over 500 million in it. They even hired a male lead from Hollywood… Such a shame, Mo Xue’er.”

“I didn’t think you would so something like this… I will never watch any of your movies from now on. It’s just negative energy.”

“No wonder Huo Siqian won’t marry you, it’s because you’re an addict… How scary.”

Huo Siqian couldn’t continue reading anymore so he closed the Weibo main page.

“Sir, what should we do now?”



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