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(Provoking Huo Siqian (6)

“That might be part of it but your mommy really didn’t want to punish you like that. If she really wanted to lock you up, do you think anyone’s words would have been able to change her mind?”

Qin Chu patiently explained to Pudding and the latter looked down, continuing her silence. It seemed like she was plotting something.

Just then, Qin Chu handed her a small box.

“Of course, I won’t force you to go downstairs for dinner if you don’t want to. Little Bean said you didn’t eat breakfast or lunch… I know you like the tiramisu from Ailiya so I bought some for you…”

“Thank you, Daddy!” Pudding sounded a bit moved.

“Good girl. Then Daddy’s going to go downstairs… Give it some thought. I know you’re a smart girl and you’ll be able to figure things out, right?”

Then, Qin Chu turned around and walked downstairs.

Pudding looked at that delicate piece of cake in her hand with mixed feelings…

“Daddy, is Pudding still not willing to come downstairs? Is she as stubborn as an ox?” Little Bean’s piece of cake was already in her tummy and she was licking off the cream on the corner of her mouth, looking very satisfied.

“I think Pudding knows she’s misbehaved. I think she’ll come down soon.” When he said this, he intentionally glanced at Huo Mian to see her reaction.

Huo Mian didn’t respond. She was like her usually calm self, slowly eating dinner.

“Mian, why are you being so serious with a child…” Yang Meirong felt bad for her granddaughter.

“Mom… it’s not about that… This is my method of teaching my children.”

“Who teaches children like that… You’re like a stepmother…” Yang Meirong was angry.

“Stepmothers don’t teach them what is right or wrong… I understand that you guys care about Pudding but even if you say I’m harsh or like a stepmother, I still need her to understand her own mistakes.”

“Mian… how can you be like that?” Yang Meirong seemed discontent about how her daughter was acting.

Just when she wanted to continue nagging Huo Mian, Qin Chu stepped in and said, “Mom, I don’t think Mian’s being unreasonable… The children are still young and there are still many things they don’t understand. It’s our job as parents to teach them what is right when they make mistakes… Mian’s punishments may be a bit harsh but Pudding is not an ordinary child… This might be the right kind of lesson for her…”

“Ah… You guys are so annoying. Everyone’s talking about Pudding, Pudding, Pudding… What about me?” Little Bean asked anxiously.

She was so cute that Qin Chu felt that his heart was being melted by her cuteness.

He immediately walked over to get a tissue to wipe off the cream on Little Bean’s face.

“Little Bean… Try not to eat so many sweets at night; you’d gain weight… You need to maintain a healthy body or else it’d be hard to find a boyfriend… After all, our society places a lot of value on beauty and fitness,” Qin Chu gave her a friendly reminder.

“Daddy, I thought about this problem five months ago, and I have come to a conclusion.”

Little Bean looked so serious that Qin Chu couldn’t help but laugh.

“What conclusion?” Qin Chu couldn’t help but ask.

“We’re rich, so I’ll definitely be able to find a boyfriend. No matter who I end up dating, everyone will think he’s dating me for our money, so we will just let that be. So even if I’m three hundred pounds, who cares? After all, everyone’s after princesses and I’m a princess from a rich family. That’s why I can eat all I want…”

Qin Chu and Huo Mian were both left speechless by Little Bean’s little speech…



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