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(I Want You to be Happy (7)

Before Su Yu could say anything, Jian Tong smiled at them.

She responded gently to Little Bean’s question, “Honey, I’m not an outsider… I’m your Uncle Su’s girlfriend now.”

Jian Tong’s words made everyone’s expressions change.

Huo Mian was a bit surprised as she did not expect Jian Tong to say something like this. The fact that she could call herself Su Yu’s girlfriend must’ve meant that Su Yu allowed it.

Mr. Su and Grandpa Su did not like women from the entertainment industry so they did not like Jian Tong at all.

Mrs. Su looked at her son with surprise as she did not expect this at all…

Qin Chu looked calm as always since he didn’t care at all who Su Yu was with.

Pudding’s reaction was enormous. She looked at Jian Tong, and then looked at Su Yu…

“Handsome Su… was what she said the truth?”

Su Yu was a bit embarrassed. Then, he rubbed his nose. “Um… um… Yeah… Auntie Jian Tong is my girlfriend, so you two should get along with her.”

“Oh my god… What in the world is happening…” Little Bean opened her mouth wide in disbelief.

“Are you sure you’re not joking?” Pudding looked Su Yu calmly in the eyes and asked to confirm.

“I’m not joking, Pudding.”

“Okay… Then I can only say that you have no taste…” Pudding said as she turned away, completely ignoring Su Yu.

Little Bean looked at Su Yu with disappointment. “I never saw any woman who could love a crow after seeing an eagle; I never saw a man who could love a wildflower after seeing a rose…”

Su Yu and Jian Tong were both speechless.

Little Bean’s golden words left everyone at a loss for words.

Huo Mian felt really embarrassed since… her daughter was quite rude with her words.

“Pudding, Little Bean… You can’t be so impolite. That’s Uncle Su’s girlfriend. You have to call her Auntie Jian Tong,” Huo Mian criticized.

“We don’t just call everyone ‘auntie’… Even if they are Handsome Su’s girlfriend…” Little Bean argued.

Pudding sat at the dinner table and changed the topic. “Let’s eat. I’m so hungry.”

Then, Pudding looked down at her food and concentrated on eating. However, it was obvious that she wasn’t in a great mood.

“Grandpa, Dad, Mom… This is Jian Tong…” Su Yu formally introduced her to his family.

“Hello Grandpa Su, Mrs. Su, Mr. Su…” Jian Tong smiled tenderly, wanting to make every one like her.

“Oh, hi.” Mr. Su looked grim.

Grandpa Su didn’t say a word… he was extremely unhappy about his grandson’s choice…

“Oh… you guys are just in time for dinner…” Mrs. Su wanted to respect her son, so she didn’t embarrass him by acting out.

Su Yu walked over with Jian Tong, trying to find a spot to sit down.

“Jian Tong was in Australia filming a few days ago. She bought some deep-sea fish oil over since she thought it’d be good for your health… I asked Auntie Yu to store it up already,” Su Yu said.

Mrs. Su looked at Jian Tong and forced a smile. “Ms. Jian, you didn’t have to do that… After all, we don’t really need anything…”

“It’s just a gesture… Mrs. Su, you don’t need to be so formal with me…” Jian Tong really wanted the Su Family to like her.

“Mom… Your Cheongsam looks really nice… Is it new?” Su Yu felt the tense atmosphere so he tried to change the topic.

“Mian and Chu gave this to me as a present… It’s made from a lost material called Rainbow Cloud Brocade… Of course it’s pretty…”

“Oh… Huo Mian you sure spent a lot of money… You might need to eat dirt next month… You may be the president of a conglomerate, but you only earn 10,000 yuan a month…” Su Yu chuckled.

Huo Mian actually did only earn a base wage of 10,000 yuan a month at GK, but what did it matter? The company belonged to her family…

She could spend as much money as she wanted, but Su Yu still always made fun of Huo Mian’s base salary.

“It’s a present for Auntie Su so even if I have to eat dirt for a month, it’s all worth it…” Huo Mian said with a smile.

“Oh.. I finally realized that Little Bean inherited her sucking-up skills from her mom…” Su Yu gave out a smug smile.

“What does that have to do with me?” Little Bean glared at Su Yu unhappily.

Pudding couldn’t stand it anymore. She looked at Su Yu and said, “Handsome Su, can you just get to the main point? You brought her home today to tell everyone about your relationship… You intentionally chose today because you knew we’d all be here, didn’t you?”

Pudding’s words made the atmosphere tense again…




  1. I don't like this girl su yu bring home at all

  2. Honestly Su Yu's choice is really bad this time around

  3. I don't like Jiang Tong too

    Su Yu should really find someone else ok

    Author you're a super genius 👍


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