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( I Want You to be Happy (3)

“Great Grandpa, did you miss me?” Little Bean started to go full power with her cuteness skills, for she was determined to be better than her older sister.

“Of course, Great Grandpa missed you guys…”

When Grandpa Su saw the twins, his heart melted.

After Huo Mian gave birth to the twins, she stayed with the Su Family for only a month.

The twins were still infants so they had no memories of what happened during that time, but Grandpa Su and Mr. Su often fought over who got to hold them.

Even though they weren’t related by blood, they had very close ties.

Later, Huo Mian would occasionally bring the twins to the Su Family mansion for dinner.

If the twins played so much that they got exhausted, they would have a sleepover, and Mrs. Su watched over them like they were her own grandchildren.

It might be because Grandpa Su was now old, but he wasn’t at all like a military commander in front of these two little girls.

He was kind and gentle. Pudding once said that Grandpa Su was a cute and stubborn old man.

Little Bean, on the other hand, always praised that Grandpa Su was the greatest Great Grandpa ever.

Huo Mian and Qin Chu walked behind the girls…

“Hello Grandpa Su.”

“Hello Grandpa Su.”

“Hurry and sit down, you two,” Grandpa Su stood up and said politely.

Just then, Mrs. Su and Mr. Su walked downstairs.

“You’re just in time. I’m going to set up the dinner table now so you guys can chat for a bit.”

Then, Mrs. Su walked into the kitchen…

Mr. Su walked over and sat down. The twins once again ran over and showed their cuteness.

Mr. Su normally was stern and serious but now, he was smiling so happily.

“Mian, how’s work been?” Grandpa Su asked.

“It’s okay… It’s not that busy.”

“Qin Chu, you have to help your wife and make sure she’s not putting too much on her shoulders.”

“Grandpa Su, you’re right… I just came back so I’m still unfamiliar with many things. It’ll take some time to get used to it, but I will make sure to take good care of her.”

Huo Mian blushed as she nudged Qin Chu.

Qin Chu smiled without saying anything more.

“Oh… Grandpa Su… This is for you, please accept it.”

Qin Chu grabbed a picture tube from behind his back and handed it over.

“What is this for? We know each other so well… you shouldn’t have brought me anything.” Grandpa Su seemed to be against gift-giving.

Huo Mian immediately explained, “Grandpa Su, just open it first. It’s nothing expensive. Qin Chu put some thought into it.”

Grandpa Su opened the picture tube with doubt. However, he froze as soon as he saw the painting that was revealed.

“This is…?”

“It’s not from some famous artist nor is it an antique… I just heard that you love Xu Zilin from the early 20th century… He used to study in the States and life was hard back then, so he sold a few paintings there… I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of them… It’s nothing expensive so please accept it, Grandpa Su…”

When Mr. Su heard the story, he immediately went over for a look.

He was also a bit shocked. “Rumour has it that Xu Zilin was a very prideful person and he didn’t sell his works that much… If he found someone he liked, he would gift it to them… It’s so hard to buy his works in this country… I remember the Pingcheng Museum’s curator was friends with him so he gifted a painting to the museum… His works are very rare… Later in Master Xu’s life, he was troubled by love and when he saw through it, he became a monk… His works became even harder to get… I heard that there were a few abroad but you can’t get your hands on one even if you have money… It’s rather impressive you were able to acquire it…”

Mr. Su looked up and asked Qin Chu with curiosity, “How did you get such a rare piece? This is truly shocking…”



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