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(What Goes Around Comes Around (8)

“Pudding, I…” Su Yu didn’t think a three-year-old’s question would make him sink into such awkwardness.

“Is my question that hard to answer?” Pudding asked Su Yu naively.

“It’s not hard to answer, I just don’t think you’d understand even if I did.”

“Try me.”

“Okay then, Pudding. Here’s the thing – I really do like your mommy, but your mommy doesn’t like me. I want to give up, but humans can’t switch off any of their emotions. So you want to know if I can give up on your mommy? I want to say that I want to… but that doesn’t mean I’m able to.”

After saying all that, Su Yu suddenly felt like a giant brick had been lifted off his shoulders.

“Handsome Su, you’re a good man, but Mommy met my daddy first… so she’ll never be able to make you happy. I wish I can grow up quickly, then I’d be able to marry you.”

“Um… but you’re only three right now!” Su Yu said, close to spitting out blood.

“I know, it was just a random example. If you really can’t forget my mommy, just keep liking her. I’m fine with you being single, but I don’t want you to use other people as cannon fodder.”

“Okay, Uncle Su knows what you mean.”

“Then will you break up with Jian Tong now?” Pudding asked.

“I will, but not at the moment. We’re not for real, it’s just a show. Don’t take it too seriously, okay Pudding?” Su Yu consoled.

“I hope you don’t go back on your word.”

Soon, Tang Chuan and Little Bean came back.

Su Yu asked Tang Chuan, “How was your lesson? Is Little Bean a fast learner.”

“I don’t know about that, but she did cheat me out of a box of Haagen Dazs…” Tang Chuan said, pointing at the ice cream in Little Bean’s hand.

“Haha, Little Bean is the best at cheating others out of stuff, you should’ve protected yourself better!” Su Yu burst out in laughter.

“Handsome Su, are you giving me a compliment?” Little Bean asked, her eyes wide.

“Of course I am.” Su Yu lovingly rubbed Little Bean’s babyface, and the latter scooped up a spoonful of ice cream. “Handsome Su, try this. It’s really good.”

Before Su Yu could respond, Tang Chuan interjected, “Handsome Su is a mega-rich man, he’s not interested in ice cream. It’s not like he’s never had it before.”

“Sure I’ve had ice cream, but I’ve never had free ice cream. Food always tastes better when someone’s giving it to you for free,” Su Yu said, opening his mouth to take a small bite.

“What do you think, is it good?” Little Bean asked, her face full of anticipation.

Su Yu nodded. “Mhm, free food sure is tasty.”

“You guys are just two peas in a pod, aren’t you?” Tang Chuan muttered.

“Sis, do you want some?” Little Bean walked up to her sister, who shook her head. “No, it’s late, we should head home now. Daddy said we have art class at noon…”

As soon as Pudding suggested that they should leave, Little Bean immediately nodded; in the end, Su Yu drove the twins back to South Hill Manor, where Qin Chu had just arrived back at.

“Daddy!” The twins immediately ran up to Qin Chu, leaving Su Yu feeling a little jealous – Qin Chu was their father, after all, and it seemed like no matter how much time he spent with them and how much love he gave, blood was still thicker than water.

“Did you guys have fun today?” Qin Chu asked gently, his eyes filled with fatherly love.

“We did, it was really fun! We love playing golf.”

“That’s good.”

“I’m going to head home now…” Su Yu turned around to leave, but Qin Chu stopped him, “Su Yu, wait, I need to talk to you.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu froze for a brief second; Qin Chu turned around and glanced at the housekeeper. “Uncle Li, can you take them inside first? I need to talk to President Su alone.”

“I will, Young Master.” Uncle Li nodded before walking over and taking one twin in each hand.

Before walking in, Little Bean worriedly reminded Qin Chu, “Daddy, no fighting with Handsome Su, okay? You have to be a good boy.”



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