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( Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (10)

“Kids, finish up your noodles, or else they’re going to go cold,” Qin Chu reminded gently. Taking care of kids was sure hard… He thought the twins would be easy to woo and things would be fine as long as he took them out to eat and play. However, Pudding and Little Bean shocked him with everything they said.

Especially Pudding, who often asked hard questions, to which Qin Chu always answered nervously. He didn’t want to anger his daughter. The truth was, although Qin Chu felt guilty towards Huo Mian for not coming home for four years, he knew she understood him and that their relationship would slowly go back to normal.

The twins, however, didn’t know him as well as Huo Mian did. Therefore, he wanted to connect with them, which now seemed incredibly hard.

“Daddy, is there something on your mind?” Pudding asked, glancing at him.


“Liar, your face says, ‘I’m worrying about something’.”

Qin Chu: “…”

“Daddy, tell us what you’re unhappy about, maybe it’ll lighten up our moods,” Little Bean added.

Qin Chu: “…”

“Daddy, don’t listen to Little Bean, she’s messing with you. Tell me what you’re thinking about, I can help you.”

“Pudding, you’re still a kid, there’s a lot of things you don’t understand yet.”

“For example?” Pudding asked slowly, looked up at Qin Chu.

“I just came home, so there’s a lot of things I need to take care of. When I think of these things, I become cautious.”

“Daddy, you’re worried that we like Handsome Su more than you because you haven’t been by our side for the past few years, aren’t you?” Pudding’s question was extremely to-the-point.

Qin Chu’s eyes widened as he looked at his three-year-old daughter, completely speechless.

How did she know?

“So… Pudding and Little Bean, do you like Daddy more, or Uncle Su more?” Qin Chu wasn’t one to ask such a childish question, but… perhaps he was infected by his daughters and couldn’t help but give them a choice to make.

At the same time… he was incredibly worried. Worried that they might like Su Yu more, or answer in such a diplomatic way that he might feel a little disappointed…

“Oh… if that’s what you’re worried about, don’t worry. Daddy, our feelings towards you and Handsome Su are different, it’s not comparable,” Little Bean said as she guzzled down soup.

“How so?” Qin Chu rubbed Little Bean’s head lovingly.

“Pudding, you tell Daddy, I want to finish my soup first,” Little Bean threw the question at her sister.

Pudding thought about it in all seriousness before finally saying, “Daddy, you can’t get mad if I tell you.”

“I won’t, I’ll never be mad at you guys…”

His guilt towards Huo Mian and his children led him to make the decision that he would never be mad at the twins, not even if they burned down their mansion. His new mission in life was to spoil his wife and children so much that no one else could endure them, because that way, they would be his forever…

Mr. Qin was a quiet introvert, but he was also possessive.

“We love Daddy a lot. Although you weren’t with us when we were infants, ever since we were in Mommy’s belly she’s been telling us about you… we’ve heard so much about you and Mommy’s love story that we can practically recite it. We also know that you and Mommy love each other a lot and know that you love us a lot. Daddy, you were forced away from us, but you’re just as important to us as Mommy is… and we love you guys, a lot.”

Upon hearing Pudding’s response, Qin Chu felt his heart well up with something warm…



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