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( I Want You to be Happy (8)

Su Yu was in a really awkward position…

“Pudding… This is an adult problem and you’re still too young to understand it.”

“Handsome Su, don’t trick us like you would trick little kids since Little Bean and I aren’t like kids our age. You announced your relationship today… Are you trying to pick a fight with Daddy or are you trying to tell Mommy that you’re in the arms of another person now…”

Su Yu: “…”

“Pudding. Stop the nonsense.” Huo Mian was very embarrassed by Pudding’s words.

“I’m not speaking nonsense… The whole world knows that Handsome Su likes Mommy… Did he suffer shock after Daddy came back, causing him to date the first woman he laid his eyes on? If that were the case, Handsome Su, that’s a new low…” Pudding analyzed.

“I agree with my sister… Handsome Su, what you did was wrong,” Little Bean criticized.

Su Yu: “…”

“Little Bean, Pudding… You can’t talk to Uncle Su like that,” Qin Chu reprimanded. He thought that Su Yu would not be able to preserve his pride in such a situation, so for the first time, he scolded his young daughters.

Jian Tong was calm and did not feel uncomfortable at all. She seemed to have expected this.

“Um… There’s some soup in the pot… I’ll go get it for Grandpa Su…” Huo Mian took the opportunity to leave the table.

As soon as she got up and headed towards the kitchen, Jian Tong took the opportunity to get up and follow Huo Mian into the kitchen.

“Huo Mian, I’ll help you.”

Grandpa Su immediately glared at Su Yu and scolded, “Yu, what nonsense are you trying to pull here?”

“Grandpa… I’m not trying to do anything, I’m old enough to date… Are you guys not happy that I finally found someone?”

“This has nothing to do with our happiness… Your dad and I had told you many times that we don’t want anyone in the Su Family to be involved with women from the entertainment industry. If you found someone from a nice family, we would definitely support you.” Grandpa Su looked very disappointed.

“Su Yu… You’re too old to still be so childish!” Mr. Su scolded.

Even Mrs. Su, who was normally gentle and kind, scolded her son, “Son, what are you thinking, bringing her home all of a sudden without telling any of us? Moreover, why did you bring Jian Tong home? You and her…”

“Mom… I’ve talked to Jian Tong about this. She has behaved well these years in the company and I know her well… Also, she’s a good girl who’s loved me for a long time… Why can’t I choose her? Isn’t it better to find someone I know well than some stranger… It’s like we went back to being how we were before, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing.”

Su Yu seemed determined about this relationship and wasn’t afraid of angering his parents and grandpa.

It wasn’t convenient for Qin Chu to get involved in the Su Family’s business so he watched silently.

The twins, however, seemed very angry.

“Handsome Su, you can’t date someone like her… She’s so fake and manipulative, we don’t like her! We don’t like her! Hmph…” Little Bean acted like a little kid, crossing her hands before her chest.

“Little Bean… Grandpa Su’s old and wants grandchildren… Do you have the heart to see Uncle Su be single forever?” Su Yu smiled and tickled Little Bean’s chin.

Pudding glared at Su Yu with an icy look. “We never told you not to date… At least though, you should find someone that suits you better… I asked Daddy about our Auntie and found out she’s single… I wanted to wait until she came back to set you two up… Yet you disappointed us all by dating a celebrity… We know you don’t like her at all and you’re just pretending to like her to show everyone… There’s only one reason you’re doing this…”

Then, Pudding paused…

“Sis… What’s Handsome’s Su’s reason?” Little Bean was a bit confused listening to this.



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