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( Scandal of the Huo Corporation (8)

“I know a bit about piano but I’m not as good as your mom… The hardest song that I can play is ‘RĂ©miniscences de Don Juan’,” Qin Chu said humbly.

“Okay. Daddy, can you play the piano with us when we get to the studio?” Little Bean suggested happily.

“No problem… as long as you two want to play with me.” Qin Chu smiled.

After a filling breakfast, Qin Chu drove his daughters to the piano studio.

Huo Mian drove her Audi R8 to work. Fortunately, there were no traffic jams, so she wasn’t late.

If she was late, then it would be rather embarrassing for her.

“Good morning President Huo.”

During the morning meeting, the executives stood up altogether to greet her. Huo Mian’s been so amazing over the last three years that she proved herself worthy, and none of the high-level executives dared to doubt her just because she was in her twenties.

“President Huo, this is our end of the year marketing plan… it’s been compiled for your review.”

“President Huo… The small high-rise project at Upper Yu Blue Mountain District has officially started… Next week, we’re going to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony… If you have time then, please go to the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon. The government seems to place importance on this environmentally-friendly project and the residents are also rather interested in the project.”

“President Huo… The new season of jewelry has now been released. However, the sales aren’t as high as expected, potentially due to market fatigue. Should we consider putting out new products or switch up a celebrity endorser to generate some traction?”

“President Huo… This is a sample of a new product from a Malaysian supplier. We have already confirmed that the quality of the material is good but it’s a bit pricey. Are you considering continuing to work with them or should we find a new supplier?”

That entire morning, Huo Mian read document after document and solved many difficult issues.

After the morning meeting, she walked into her office.

Bella had made a cup of milk for Huo Mian and gave it to her. “President Huo, here is your milk.”

“Thank you.” Huo Mian rubbed her temples before taking the milk.

It was a habit for Huo Mian to drink milk in the morning… It probably started when she got married to Qin Chu.

Since they wanted a baby, Qin Chu would have his assistant, Yang, make Huo Mian a cup of milk every time she visited the office.

It slowly became a habit and now Huo Mian wasn’t used to drinking coffee anymore.

“President Huo…” Yang came in with a full suit on.

Yang was no longer an assistant, but a senior manager in the administrative department. He did a good job and had a good reputation within the company.

“What is it?”

“It’s something private. Can I say it?” Yang smiled.

“Did you want to take a few days off? It’s too busy for you to take a leave… so no.” Huo Mian smiled.

“No, no. I understand that the end of the year is an extremely busy time, so I will never ask for time off… It’s just that… Didn’t President Qin come back? I heard his leg was injured so I had someone from my village get some good ox bone that can be made into soup… I should give it to him personally but he hasn’t been in the office recently… So I was wondering if you could bring it to him.”

Then, Yang put a bag on Huo Mian’s desk.

“President Qin and I thank you so much for this kindness.” Huo Mian’s eyes looked very gentle.

All these employees were really nice to them. Yang was by Qin Chu’s side for a really long time, so they had an even tighter relationship.

Yang was a very exceptional assistant but because Huo Mian was a girl, it wasn’t that convenient for her, especially on business trips.

That was why she hired Bella as her assistant. Then, she made an exception to promote Yang. He kept the good she had done him well close to heart and so did his best for the last three years.

“Oh… please don’t thank me… You and President Qin are like my heroes and there’s nothing I can do to repay you… If it weren’t for you and President Qin, I would still be a normal employee working as a grunt…”

“Alright, alright… It’s not Thanksgiving today. We don’t need to get so emotional. I’ll take this and the kitchen will make something for Chu. Don’t worry.”

“Okay, I’ll go back out to work now, President Huo.”

Huo Mian nodded.

Right then, Bella came in and whispered something in Huo Mian’s ears.

“Why is he here?” Huo Mian furrowed.



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