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( The Domineering Sister Duo (9)

He knew Qin Chu very well. In the past, Qin Chu always preferred fighting alone so it would be almost impossible for Qin Chu and Su Yu to team up.

“Are you sure? Times have changed… do you know what I heard?”

Mo Xue’er then paused intentionally.

“What have you heard?”

“I heard that Huo Mian’s two brats get along very well with Su Yu… If the kids can mediate Su Yu and Qin Chu’s relationship, and they end up teaming up with each other, then I’m just afraid you would have difficulty dealing with them.”

“Am I scared of the two little kids? Xue’er, how much drugs did you do? You’re speaking nonsense..”

Huo Siqian had much less patience when it came to Mo Xue’er, especially compared to when they first met.

Huo Siqian much preferred that innocent girl with a shy smile instead of this cunning and manipulative b*tch.

Mo Xue’er was like a goddess to her fans but to Huo Siqian, she was a fallen whore.

He couldn’t care less about what Mo Xue’er said as she was not convincing at all.

“You’ll regret it later… If I were you, I’ll kidnap those two brats… Then everyone, Qin Chu, Su Yu, and Huo Mian, will give in to you.”

“We’re done talking. I’m tired. Walk Ms. Mo out.”

Huo Siqian thought Mo Xue’er was getting out of hand. If it were that easy to kidnap the twins, he wouldn’t be so frustrated. If it were that easy, Huo Mian would be his now.

Were the twins that easy to kidnap?

Mo Xue’er basically said things without using her brain…

“I’m just saying this because I care about you… You’re in your 30s and still stubborn as hell… Haha… I’m just scared that you won’t even have a kid of your own to carry on your legacy. That will be sad…”

Mo Xue’er mocked him.

If it were a few years ago, Huo Siqian would probably have gone up and slapped her in the face.

Now though, he didn’t even bother to say another word to this crazy woman.

When he heard Mo Xue’er’s sarcastic words, Huo Siqian just stopped in his footsteps and said, “You better live a more low-key life these days and not cause any trouble. Don’t blame me if you get into my way,” he warned without turning around.

Mo Xue’er bumped into Yan Ruoxi on her way out, and she flashed a fake smile at the latter as she lit up a cigarette. “Oh, isn’t this Young Madam Yan?”

“Oh, Ms. Mo. What a coincidence.”

Yan Ruoxi and Mo Xue’er didn’t know each other well. Yan Ruoxi only knew that Mo Xue’er was one of Huo Siqian’s exes, so she treated her with animosity.

“I missed Siqian so I came over… Oh… Miss Yan, Siqian is very healthy and can last very long… You better eat a lot more to be able to serve him well, otherwise, he might not be happy. Haha…”

Then Mo Xue’er laughed her way out. Her voice echoed in the room.

Yan Ruoxi turned pale…

“Siqian…” Yan Ruoxi called out Huo Siqian’s name outside his bedroom like a spoiled little kid.

“Why are you here?”

“I missed you… There’s a new Marvel movie called Doctor something… Apparently, it’s really good, can you go with me? I have two tickets to the premiere.”

“I don’t have time… I have a video conference soon.”

“It’s okay. We can go tomorrow or when you have time.” Yan Ruoxi smiled as she walked into his room.

She sat on the sofa and looked at Huo Siqian with love.



“I’m not the right guy for you,” Huo Siqian said as he looked Yan Ruoxi in the eye…


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