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( Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (6)

“What should we do? Deal with old debt with new grudges together…”

“Sir, should we make the first move and take the offensive?”

Huo Siqian raised his hand. “No, I’m interested to see how much he’s improved over the past four years, hiding away in the States like a timid turtle. I defeated him back then, I can do it again now…”

“Yes Sir, whatever you say…”

Over the last four years, Huo Siqian continued to put on a mask and pretend to be the good guy, becoming a renowned entrepreneur of C City.

Although Huo Mian and Su Yu often bullied him in the industry, he didn’t seem to care – Like he said, his dream wasn’t to be super rich and powerful. All he wanted was Huo Mian.

However… he failed to realize that dream when Qin Chu wasn’t around. The truth was, Huo Siqian wanted to kill Su Yu, the obstacle in his way, countless times over. However, his family background was too special, and he, unlike Qin Chu, wasn’t just an ordinary businessman.

The Su Family protected Su Yu too much… If something were to happen to him, the entire political circle would react.

Even someone like Ian wasn’t about to provoke a powerful nation…

Therefore, Su Yu was actually a bigger headache to Huo Siqian than Qin Chu was.

“President Huo, Miss Yan is here…”

“Mhm, you can leave now.” Huo Siqian glanced at his subordinate upon hearing what his assistant said.

“Yes Sir.”

“Hey, Siqian!” Yan Ruoxi had been chasing after Huo Siqian for the last three years with an undying passion. She even gave up the chance to go abroad and stayed in C City to open a ceramic art museum.

Mayor Yan wanted to stop her, but he couldn’t do much, and in the end, had no choice but to tacitly agree to her daughter’s choice of man.

He also thought that if Huo Siqian could marry Ruoxi, it would help him stabilize his mayoral status.

Huo Siqian was a smart guy; over the last few years, he had been treating her neither indifferently nor passionately. He never admitted to outsiders that they were dating, nor had he ever touched her.

This actually led Yan Ruoxi to believe that Huo Siqian wanted to marry her and therefore respected her chastity.

“Ruoxi, what’s up?”

“Are you free at lunch? My bestie opened a Sichuan restaurant near Cuiwei Road, you like spicy foods, right?”

“Yeah.” Huo Siqian smiled.

“Do you want to go together? I made reservations already…”

“Sure.” Huo Siqian never rejected Yan Ruoxi’s kind gestures. Just like that, the two of them drove off to the Sichuan restaurant on Cuiwei Road.

Coincidentally, Qin Chu brought the twins here to have lunch as well.

Pudding and Little Bean liked spicy foods, so Qin Chu asked around and found out that this newly-opened restaurant was quite authentic. Therefore, he and the twins came here for lunch.

He was driving his silver Audi R8; like Huo Mian, Qin Chu was also a fan of Audi. Therefore, though they could afford cars worth hundreds of millions, they only drove the model they liked.

Pudding and Little Bean sat together in the back seat, with seat belts around them. In the beginning, Yang Meirong wanted the bodyguards to go with them to be safe, but Qin Chu politely refused.

He was okay with taking the twins out because he wasn’t scared.

Over the past four years, Qin Chu had been through so much. Now, he was capable of protecting his wife and children, providing them with safety and security.

Huo Siqian and Yan Ruoxi walked in to see Qin Chu and the twins in the reception area. The former was always fervent around Pudding and Little Bean. “Hey you little princesses, give Uncle Huo a hug.”


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