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( Going to Marry Handsome Su When I Grow Up (2)

“Where are you going, Little Bean?” Qin Chu gently asked his daughter.

“Pudding’s doing something behind my back, I need to keep an eye on her. Bye!” Little Bean said, turning around to run out the door.

“Little Bean!” Huo Mian shouted.

“President Huo, don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on them,” An suddenly appeared behind Huo Mian and said, his gaze sweeping past Qin Chu’s face and landing on Huo Mian.

“Okay then, make sure they don’t cause any trouble.”

With An there, Huo Mian wasn’t worried about their safety. However, she was worried that the twins would cause some trouble.

“Mommy, where did Pudding and Little Bean go?” Wei Yunchu asked Jiang Xiaowei, who answered, “They probably went out to play, do you want to follow him?”

“No,” Wei Yunchu immediately refused.

“Why not? I thought they were good friends of yours,” Huo Mian said on purpose.

“Those two are just too terrifying… They’re always asking me who I think is prettier. I can’t say they both are, and if I say one is prettier, the other one would hit me…” Wei Yunchu complained as he pouted.

His remarks left everyone in laughter… Children were sure cute and honest.

Pudding and Little Bean circled around the ship. The latter took out a lollipop and licked it as she said, “Sis, you’re looking for Handsome Su, right?”

“Of course I am, isn’t it obvious? Everyone on earth knows, okay?” Pudding said arrogantly.

“Then you should ask Uncle An… Why are you going in circles? What a hassle to be looking by yourself…”

“What do you know, looking for Handsome Su myself makes the gesture more sincere,” Pudding rolled her eyes at Little Bean, refusing to further her conversation with the foodie.

Finally, the twins arrived outside Su Yu’s room door.

“I’m telling you, we need to go in one by one, not together… or else Handsome Su won’t know who to listen to first… I’ll go in first, and you go in after I’m done,” Pudding warned.

Little Bean licked her lollipop, unsatisfied. “Why do you get to go first?”

“Because I’m older…”

“So what? Handsome Su isn’t going to like you just because you’re older…”

“Shut up, one more word and I’m going to throw you into the ocean to feed the sharks… I don’t even get why you are following me, you should’ve just stayed with Daddy,” Pudding said helplessly.

“Daddy and Handsome Su aren’t the same. When we grow up, we’re marrying Handsome Su, not Daddy…” Little Bean said in all seriousness.

An, standing next to the twins, was already completely dumbfounded by what he heard – was this really a conversation that two three-year-old children were supposed to have? How terrifying…

In the end, Pudding won, and she got to enter Su Yu’s room first.

Before going in, Pudding adjusted her hair and dress, knocking gently before walking in.

“Leave me alone, don’t come in,” Su Yu said icily.

“Handsome Su, it’s me…” Pudding put away her arrogance and said in her baby voice.

Upon hearing her voice, Su Yu turned around. His gaze softened when he saw it was Pudding. “Why are you here, Pudding?”

“I was waiting for you in the ballroom, but you didn’t come to eat. I was worried,” Pudding said as she walked up to Su Yu, climbing up to the couch and sitting beside him.

Worried that the cigarette smoke might be bad for Pudding’s lungs, Su Yu immediately smeared it into the ashtray. To his surprise, however, Pudding said in all seriousness, “I know you’re in a bad mood, I won’t mind if you smoke.”

Su Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He patted her hand. “I won’t, I don’t want my little princess to inhale second-hand smoke. Where’s Little Bean? Why are you here alone?”

“She’s waiting outside, I wanted to talk to you alone.”

“Um… alone?” Su Yu was speechless, and he tried hard not to laugh.



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