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(Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (40)

“Going to the Huo Family, eh? Are you related to them, miss? Relatives, perhaps?” the taxi driver asked with much interest.

Huo Mian didn’t answer as the image she saw on the video played in her head.

In the video, Zhu Lingling was lying in a dark room, completely unconscious. She looked like she had been drugged and was only wearing a thin nightdress.

The message that accompanied the video said, “Mian, I want to see you at home in half an hour. Or else Zhu Lingling will be raped until the sun comes up, and the video will be posted the next day. Do you want to take a guess as for whether the Gao Family would still want her as their daughter-in-law, or if Gao Ran would still love her?”

Huo Mian’s head felt like it was going to explode as she read on.

She would never let anything happen to Zhu Lingling, she had just gotten married not long ago.

If something terrible happened to Zhu Lingling because of her, she would blame herself for the rest of her life.

“Huo Siqian, don’t do anything rash. I’ll be right over.” Even if what was waiting for her was a dragon’s pond and a tiger’s cave, she would go without a second thought for Zhu Lingling. But, she did feel guilty for lying to Su Yu again.

“Sir, can you drive faster? I’m in a rush.”

“It’s right up front, we are almost there.”

Huo Mian quickly threw down a hundred yuan and got out of the car as soon as it stopped.

It was already ten o’clock at night, and the Huo Family Mansion looked pitch dark, as if it had been abandoned.

After Huo Zhenghai died, Jiang Hong and Huo Siqian became enemies. She then moved back with her parents, leaving Huo Siqian all alone in the big empty mansion.

Huo Siqian, on the other hand, seemed very attached to the place, and he had always thought of the place as his only home.

Huo Mian walked up to the front door, and warily, she rang the bell. To be honest, she was afraid of Huo Siqian.

She had no idea what might happen if she stepped into this house today. But, she had no choice, because she had to rescue Zhu Lingling.

The only thing that this bastard knows is to threaten the people close to me, Huo Mian thought.

The front door opened slowly.

“Miss, you’re back?” To Huo Mian’s surprise, the Huo Family’s housekeeper from before opened the front door.

The housekeeper knew who Huo Mian was, so she was also surprised to see her.

“Where’s Huo Siqian?” Huo Mian asked after the initial shock

“Young Master is in the reading room, he will be right down. I just made dinner! When Young Master said you are coming tonight, I almost didn’t believe him!” The housekeeper welcomed Huo Mian in enthusiastically.

The interior decoration of the mansion looked exactly the same as it used to. As Huo Mian scanned around, she didn’t notice any traces of Zhu Lingling and guessed that perhaps she was locked away somewhere else.

Her observation was interrupted by a series of footsteps. She looked up as Huo Siqian made his way downstairs in a salmon-colored dress shirt.

“Mian, you’re here.”

“Where’s Lingling?” Huo Mian demanded icily…

Huo Siqian let out a smile. “Don’t worry, she’ll be fine.”

“I’m here, so you better let her go immediately.”

“I did, she should be sleeping at home right now. If you don’t believe me, call her.”

Huo Mian took out her phone immediately and dialed Lingling’s number. Just then when she called, Lingling’s phone was out of service, but now the call went through.

Zhu Lingling picked up the phone and answered drowsily after the third ring.


“Lingling, where are you?”

“I’m at home, sleeping.”

“Where is Gao Ran?”

“He’s on a night shift, and he won’t be back till the morning.”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine? What’s wrong? Why are you calling so late?” Zhu Lingling asked confusedly.

“N-nothing. Go back to sleep. Lock the door, be careful.” Huo Mian hung up.

“See, I didn’t lie to you, Mian.”

“Huo Siqian, what the hell do you want?” Huo Mian looked Huo Siqian in the eye as a chill ran down her spine.


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