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( Darkness Dissipates; The King Returns (9)

“Yes, I’m satisfied.” Su Yu nodded as he suppressed the excitement in his heart.

After the staff left, Su Yu held the ring in his hand and couldn’t let go of it.

Three years ago, Tang Chuan unintentionally suggested a crazy idea, which unexpectedly caught Su Yu’s attention.

Over the past three years, he took care of Huo Mian and her two daughters carefully and maintained an appropriate but not awkward distance.

Three years passed by in the blink of an eye, and his love for Huo Mian only increased.

Everyone in the Su Family understood his feelings and no one forced him into dates or marriage. They quietly watched as he took care of Huo Mian and the twins, enjoying peaceful and happy times.

After three days, it would be the twins’ three-year-old birthday party. He wanted to tell everyone that he loved Huo Mian and ask her to marry him, so he could spend the rest of his life with her.

Over the past three years, he had people tracking Huo Siqian’s followers, but he didn’t find anything. Su Yu thought that maybe Qin Chu was really no longer in this world. Otherwise, why would he not even show up once in the past three years?

If this were the case, he should propose to the girl he loved, like a real man should.

Even if Huo Mian refused, he wouldn’t have any regrets.

At least he gave it a shot, right?

Su Yu had never been so nervous. As he was holding the ring, he felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest.

– GK Headquarters –

“President Huo, I heard that Huo Siqian also got an invitation. Although we didn’t invite him, he seemed to have made up his mind to come anyway. What should we do? Should we ask security to stop him?” asked Bella worriedly.

“No, it’s fine. Just let him come.”

“But President Huo…” Bella was really worried that something would go wrong.

“The reason why I want to let him come is that I want to see the look on his face when he realizes that even with so many tricks and plots, he still can’t do anything to me. He will be on our turf, so why worry that he might cause trouble?” Huo Mian laughed coldly.

When Huo Mian first moved out from the Su Family, Huo Siqian was really excited.

He was thinking that without the Su Family’s protection, Huo Mian would collapse after the first blow.

But what he didn’t consider was that Huo Mian was too smart that she matched wits with him for three years.

Not only did he not have a chance to hurt Huo Mian, but he also lost to her in the business power struggle.

Now, the Huo Corporation wasn’t as popular as Imperial Star in the entertainment industry, nor was their reputation as good as GK Corporation in the real estate and jewelry industries.

Being stuck in between Huo Mian and Su Yu, Huo Siqian was really angry.

He tried to take action several times but failed every single time.

Of course, a lot of the credit had to go to An. He was a top-level bodyguard.

Huo Mian was thankful that Su Yu sent such an excellent person to stay by her side.

“Okay, I will do as you say.”

“Bella, have you heard anything from our headquarters in the U.S.? Are they sending people over?”

“I’m not sure. I heard they are still waiting for Mr. Nick, the CEO, to make a decision. But I don’t think we have much hope, so maybe you shouldn’t put hope on them either, President Huo.”

“I know. I’ve prepared everything. If they come, I will warmly welcome them. But if not, I’m fine with it too.” Huo Mian smiled.

Three days passed by in a flash.

– After three days, on Oct. 26th, at 6 PM –

The cruise ship named Princess was ablaze with lights, with all of the most recognized people in the city on board.

It was not a business conference nor a celebrity concert; it was merely a birthday party for two three-year-olds.

Imperial Star even bought the internet live streaming rights, and it was broadcasting live on only one platform.

After only five minutes, the number of people watching live was already over 8 million. It was an unprecedentedly grand celebration.

“Wow, I think I saw Ni Yang! Look, is he the one on the red carpet?” some fans typed on the screen of the live feed.

“Yes, it is! Ni Yang, I love you!”

“I don’t like Ni Yang, he’s too young. I only like Su Yu. I heard that he planned this party. He’s not only handsome and rich but also romantic. He’s the ideal husband.”

“I want to see Mian. It’s been three years and now she’s a woman with exceptional talent and ability. She’s so inspiring!”

“Where are the twins? I want to see them.”

“Little Bean and Pudding, I’m your superfan! Hahaha, I heard that these two little ones are geniuses!”

– Inside a luxurious changing room onboard the cruise –

“President Huo, are you ready? It’s almost going to be your turn to go out.” The moment Bella opened the door, Huo Mian stood up and smiled.

Even as a woman, Bella was surprised and shocked by Huo Mian’s beauty.

“President Huo…”


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