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(Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (42)

“Why don’t you eat up. We won’t talk about anything in particular, just have a meal with me. Okay?” Huo Siqian said as he took a seat across from Huo Mian.

The dining table was a seafood feast, with a giant Boston lobster as the centerpiece.

Huo Siqian picked up a ladle and filled a bowl with seafood soup. Gently, he put it in front of Huo Mian. “Drink it while it’s hot, it’s delicious.”

As Huo Siqian finished speaking, he began digging in. He ate slowly and gracefully just like he usually did, like a sophisticated gentleman. But, Huo Mian knew that the person in front of her was merely wearing a mask.

Huo Mian sat across from him without the slightest movement. In all honesty, no matter how hungry she was, and no matter how delicious a feast was placed in front of her, she would have no appetite as long as he was sitting across from her.

Huo Siqian, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be too bothered by the slightly awkward situation. For all he cared, he was happy as long as Huo Mian was sitting across from him. That was why he went through the trouble of kidnapping Zhu Lingling in exchange for the chance to have a meal with Huo Mian.

From an outsider’s perspective, the actions that he took in the name of love were rather pitiful. But Huo Siqian felt content. After all, the process was irrelevant, as long as he got the results he wanted. For today, he simply wanted Huo Mian to have a meal with him, and that was exactly what he got.

“Mian, I’ve been so busy with the company these days, and sometimes I wonder why I even bother. I have so much money that I would never be able to spend it all in this lifetime, and I’ve also already proven my value because I can use the money to make more money. So, now, the days feel repetitive, and I think, what is the point of all this? Is this the life I really want?”

Huo Mian listened silently without saying anything.

“The new female secretary has really big tits, but I can tell they’re fake. She’s got a pretty face and went to a good university, but she’s a little bit of a whore. I’ve got enough girls, so I have no interest in her and transferred her to the PR department. The company’s been training some girls recently, and we’re also holding auditions. But you know what, the judges are terribly disgusting. It’s fine if they just want money, but they also want to sleep with the new girls. You can’t clap with one hand though, right? The girls are more than willing to use their bodies to climb up the ladder. Society these days… Isn’t virginity supposed to be the most valuable thing to a woman? Are money and power really that important?”

Huo Mian continued to keep her mouth shut, she simply listened as Huo Siqian continued to ramble on.

“Ever since Mayor Yan took over, he’s changed a lot of policies and has become very connected with the entrepreneurs in our city. I can tell he wants to make something of himself, just so he can shut his superiors up. He’s got a daughter, she’s rather retarded. Her intelligence is seriously lacking, and she somehow thinks of herself as a second Song Yishi. Ugh, I wouldn’t even go for a woman like that if she were to clean herself up and lie on my bed naked. Really, I have no interest at all.”

After another ramble, Huo Mian continued with her silence.

Huo Siqian then took a sip of red wine and looked up, his eyes turned soft and he asked, “What about you, Mian? How have you been for the past year?”

“Haha, me? Are you really going to ask me that question? Do you think I’ve been well?” Huo Mian smirked coldly at him.

“Are you still blaming me for the death of Qin Chu? Have you ever thought that, perhaps, he’s not the one? He’s too selfish, and he only cares about himself. He never thinks about you, or else he wouldn’t have divorced you as soon as I threatened him. A man like that is not someone you can rely on, so I don’t understand why you like him so much!” Huo Siqian’s voice became a little escalated.


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