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(Darkness Dissipates; The King Returns (7)

“I got it, I got it…” Pudding replied, acting like an adult.

Huo Mian smiled as she walked out of South Hill Manor.

Three years ago, when Huo Mian moved home, she requested the U.S. headquarters to give her GK’s management rights. Originally, she thought it would be a tedious procedure, but her application was quickly approved.

Since then, Huo Mian became the official vice president of GK. Over the past few years, the company developed rapidly. Huo Mian gave up GK Film and Television out of gratefulness for Su Yu’s help, but the other departments were leaders of their industries. In the real estate industry, for example, the Huo Corporation couldn’t even compare to GK.

Over the last few years, Huo Mian often bumped into Huo Siqian. However, they rarely spoke, and they never entered into business partnerships.

Although Huo Siqian and his men repeatedly tried to kidnap her and the kids, they never succeeded…

It was then that Huo Mian realized why Su Yu was so determined to have An protect her when she moved out of the Su Family.

An was incredibly skilled in combat… He could easily defeat a dozen people by himself.

Moreover, his shooting skills were frighteningly accurate, and he was extremely careful and diligent. With him by Huo Mian’s side, Huo Siqian never stood a chance.

One time, Huo Siqian and his people stopped Huo Mian’s car on her way home.

After intense head-on combat, An left with only a tiny scratch on his arm, while Huo Siqian sustained four knife wounds in his stomach area, forcing him to stay on bed-rest for an entire month.

Since then, he stopped being so impulsive…

The twins were now three years old, but they were not in kindergarten since Huo Mian was worried that they might be unsafe. In the end, she hired teachers to homeschool them.

They knew seven languages and could already perfectly recite the Four Books and Five Classics. They even aced middle school learning material. (TL Note: Please don’t complain about how unrealistic it is… Because I know how unrealistic this is haha. It’s a novel)

An IQ expert assessed them; the twins may only be three years old, but their minds were equivalent to that of 12-year-olds.

They were geniuses, completely different from normal children of the same age.

Back in high school, Huo Mian’s IQ of 130 shocked everyone around her.

However, the twins’ IQ of 145 left her friends all speechless.

Zhu Lingling said it was because they were the children of Qin Chu and Huo Mian, set out to conquer the world.

Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao’s son, Wei Yunchu, was a few months older than the twins, but he wasn’t as smart. Therefore, the couple had been trying their best to boost his intellectual development.

When Huo Mian walked out the door, An was already waiting on the driver’s seat of her Audi R8.

The truth was, an Audi R8 wasn’t that expensive. It cost less than 2 million yuan and wasn’t as attention-grabbing as the other luxury cars. However, this was Huo Mian’s favorite car, because it was the first car Qin Chu bought her…

She missed Qin Chu, every second of every day.

It had been three years, and Huo Mian still didn’t have any news on Qin Chu. Yet, her thoughts for him didn’t diminish, not even a little bit.

“President Huo, you look tired, have you been sleeping well recently?” An asked.

“I’m probably just exhausted,” Huo Mian said, massaging her temples.

“The ginseng President Su sent over is apparently relaxing and good for the eyes. You should make some.”

“Mhm, maybe tonight.”

An had been with Huo Mian for three years. In the beginning, they rarely talked, but now they were good friends.

An saved Huo Mian countless times, and she also knew that he was much more than just an assistant.

He was an incredibly trustworthy bodyguard, but no one knew how good he was except for Huo Mian and Su Yu.

As soon as she arrived at GK, she headed to the executive conference room to attend the video conference with HQ.

She didn’t come out of it until 3 PM.

“President Huo, you have a business dinner with President Yu of the Wanhe Corporation tonight at 8:30 PM. Do you want to go, or should I ask Director Jing to attend instead?” Bella asked as she walked up to Huo Mian with a stack of files in her hands.


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