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(Darkness Dissipates; The King Returns (16)

“My uncle used to be one of the shareholders there, so we had stocks of GK Headquarters… Qin Ning’s an executive there as well. After what happened, I send my parents to Hawaii for treatment, and me, my uncle, and Qin Ning stayed behind to work at GK… The last president, Mr. Smith, got sick last year. He resigned, but a new president was never appointed. Therefore, after a few rounds of elections, the board of directors made me the new president.”

Qin Chu said all of this nonchalantly, but Huo Mian knew how hard it must have been. She admired his capabilities. “Mr. Qin, you haven’t lost your touch at all.”

“Hey, I’m nothing compared to you. Within three years, you went from doctor to president, and brought GK to glory… Or else I wouldn’t have come all the way from HQ to see you…”

“Gosh, you suck!” Huo Mian purposely pushed Qin Chu, but the latter faltered and almost fell off the stairs next to them.

Huo Mian immediately rushed up to help him; she instinctively glanced down at his leg. Indeed, his movements weren’t as swift as they used to be.

Qin Chu must’ve been injured pretty badly for him to hide away for four whole years…

“Does it still hurt?” Huo Mian looked down at his leg, feeling heartbroken.

“No, it hasn’t hurt in a long time. When the plane crashed, I…”

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian reached out to place a finger onto Qin Chu’s lips. “Let’s talk about all this when we get home. Right now, come up with me to the stage, so Pudding and Little Bean can meet their daddy.”

Then, before Qin Chu could say anything, Huo Mian grabbed his hand and the two of them slowly made their way into the ballroom.

She had never felt so emotional; she could feel the dozens of eyes staring at them… Her man was home. He was finally home.

Qin Chu wasn’t dead!

Countless thoughts went through her brain – she wanted to announce Qin Chu’s return to the entire world and was so immersed in happiness that she completely forgot to think in Su Yu’s shoes.

The two of them walked into the room in such a flashy way, and as expected, Qin Chu’s appearance caused a roar amongst the audience.

“Hey, look at who that man beside President Huo is, he looks so familiar!”

“Hm, is that President Huo’s boyfriend? I thought she was dating President Su.”

“Is he… President Huo’s ex-husband? He looks so familiar.”

“It can’t be, didn’t her husband die years ago? What in the world is going on?”

“Mom… is that man… my brother-in-law?” Zhixin, who was sitting beside Yang Meirong, was dumbfounded upon seeing Qin Chu. The latter opened her eyes wide, her expression changing immediately. “Is that… Qin Chu?” She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Grandpa Su, Mrs. Su and Mr. Su’s faces turned pale upon hearing Yang Meirong say ‘Qin Chu’. They had only ever seen photos of him and never saw him in person before.

Grandpa Su narrowed his eyes, looking the man up and down through the dim lights. He was wearing a black shirt, black pants, and his profile was near-perfect…

The light of a conqueror shone above him as he made his way through the crowd – indeed, he was a pressuring presence to Su Yu…

Mr. Su didn’t say anything; he just watched as Huo Mian and Qin Chu walked up to them.

Mrs. Su was beyond surprised. “Is that really Mian’s husband?” Then, she instinctively turned around to the second table, noticing that Su Yu had already left.

Mrs. Su immediately trembled with heartache for her son…


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