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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (48)

Everyone knew what was going on as soon as the words 'Xixi' were mentioned. In unison, their gazes shot towards Rick, who looked down without a word.

At this moment, Huo Mian received a WeChat message. Then, she looked up at Su Yu. "Xixi's out by the door, can you let her in?"

"Sure." Su Yu nodded as he stood up.

Rick slowly stood up behind him. "Huo Mian, I have somewhere else to be, so I'm going to go now. I'll come and see the twins another day."

"Rick, why are you avoiding Xixi?" Huo Mian asked; she didn't avoid the question because there was a crowd present, causing Rick, on the other hand, to feel a little awkward.

"I just think… we shouldn't see each other under the current circumstances."

"Do you plan on avoiding her for the rest of your life?"

Upon hearing this, Rick fell silent.

"Ahem, Mian, don't put Rick between a rock and a hard place, haha. After all, they shouldn't be seeing each other right now." Zhu Lingling was a giant gossip. Therefore, after finding out that Rick and Xixi had broken up, she had been feeling bad for this poor couple, and she thought they needed time away from each other. Moreover, she wondered why Huo Mian was pushing Rick into a corner.

"I'm not putting him anywhere, I just think it's better to deal with problems face to face, so neither of them will have regrets," Huo Mian said, word for word.

Jiang Xiaowei looked at Huo Mian in surprise and wondered why she was behaving this way. However, after a moment's thought, she knew where the latter was trying to do.

Therefore, she smiled and agreed, "Rick, Mian's right. You guys should talk about your misunderstanding. Plus, the twins are one month old today, it's supposed to be a celebration. You shouldn't leave, have some fun with us, what do you say?"

Huo Mian and Jiang Xiaowei's combined 'attack' left the inarticulate Rick no choice but to sit back down onto the couch.

Then, Su Yu walked into the living room with Xixi… and everyone headed over to welcome her.

Huo Mian held Xixi's hand and pulled the latter down beside her. Although she and Rick were sitting far away from each other, their gazes would cross as soon as they looked up.

Xixi wasn't surprised to see Rick here; she knew this was Huo Mian's attempt to give her one last chance.

She wanted to smile at Rick, but the latter didn't even look up.

"We're all here, should we begin our dinner?" Huo Mian looked up at Su Yu, who nodded and waved his hand at the kitchen staff.

Since a lot of them didn't know Grandpa Su well, they divided the party into two tables – Grandpa Su and the other elders sat around one while Huo Mian and her friends sat on the other.

Huo Mian's mom and Mrs. Su were tending to the twins, so they sat with Grandpa and Mr. Su. This way, Huo Mian got the chance to chat with her friends.

Zhu Lingling and Tang Chuan were active members of the group and kept talking throughout dinner. Rick, however, barely ate nor talked, and just sat there quietly.

Xixi spent dinner staring at Rick, but the latter refused to look at her, making her more anxious than ever.

Upon seeing Xixi's anxiety, Huo Mian stood up on purpose. "Xixi, can you come to the bathrobe with me?"

"Sure." Xixi nodded. Then, she stood up and headed upstairs with Huo Mian.

"Mian, what should I do? I feel like Rick doesn't want to talk to me, he won't even look at me."

"It's not that he doesn't want to, he doesn't have the courage to." Huo Mian smiled.

"Do you have any ideas?" Xixi asked nervously.

"Stay here in my room, I'll think of a way to get him up here. Then, the rest is up to you," Huo Mian said.

Upon hearing this, Xixi nodded in determination.

Huo Mian walked out to the second-floor balcony and shouted, "Help! Xixi fainted!"

As soon as she said that, Rick shot upstairs in the blink of an eye…


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