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( Darkness Dissipates; The King Returns (4)

After a long pause, Huo Mian slowly replied, “I’m sorry, Grandpa Su, my answer is going to disappoint you. The truth is, I believe that my husband is still alive and that he’ll come back. I’m going to wait for him… Even if he is not coming back, I’m still going to live out the rest of my life alone, with the twins. I don’t plan on remarrying. Qin Chu is the first man I ever loved, he’s the first and the only love of my life, and I don’t want to taint our relationship. I know I won’t forget him, so if I marry Su Yu out of gratefulness, not only will I be doing myself wrong, I’ll also be doing Su Yu wrong. He’s such a good man, and he deserves a woman who loves him with all of her heart, not a woman who’s in love with someone else. Grandpa Su, Su Yu is great to me, and I’ll always remember how well your family treated me. If you guys need me, I’m willing to walk through fire for any one of you. However, I can’t repay you by marrying Su Yu. I’m really sorry.”

After her speech, Huo Mian slowly moved her chess piece.

Grandpa Su sighed. “I lost again… you’re too good, I’ll never beat you. Thank you for telling me what you really think today, and thank you for being so honest.”

“Grandpa Su, don’t say that, you never have to thank me.”

“Okay, I understand what you want. I guess I’ll have to take time and talk to my idiot grandson… and snap him out of his trance,” Grandpa Su said as he got up.

“Grandpa Su, I…” Huo Mian wanted to say something else, but Grandpa Su interrupted her, “You don’t have to say anything else, just live here like nothing happened, and we’ll treat you like we always do. You’re a good kid, God will shine his light on you. I know your husband will come back.” Grandpa Su looked at Huo Mian with a warm smile.

His words left Huo Mian feeling extremely touched. “Thank you, Grandpa Su, thank you.”

Huo Mian went back into her room, feeling as if somebody had thrown a rock on her heart.

Everyone in the Su Family treated her with nothing but kindness; this made her wonder if she were a little too heartless.

“Mian, you don’t look good, are you alright?” Yang Meirong asked.

“I’m fine, Mom. Let’s get some rest.”

“Mhm, the twins are asleep, you should go to bed early today.”

Huo Mian changed into her nightgown. Then, she walked up to the bassinets and glanced down at the twins, sleeping ever-so-soundly. Her heart filled with happy content. “Zhaozhao, Mumu, tell Daddy to come back soon, okay? I really, really miss him.”

– The next morning –

Su Yu had just walked out of the morning meeting when An walked up and handed him his cellphone. “President Su, Mrs. Su called with something urgent.”

“Mhm.” Su Yu nodded, immediately dialing back. “Mom, you called? The morning meeting just ended.”

“Yu, come home, Mian…”

“What happened to Huo Mian?” Su Yu’s nerves immediately tensed up upon hearing Huo Mian’s name.

“Mian’s moving out, she packed up all her stuff and is determined to leave, no matter what I say… Come home and talk to her, okay?” Mrs. Su ranted on anxiously.

“I’ll be right back,” Su Yu said. Then, he immediately put on his jacket, ran downstairs, and sped home.

By the time he walked in through the front door, Huo Mian had brought her luggage downstairs to the living room.

“The young master’s here…” The maid called out, and Mrs. Su immediately walked up to Su Yu, dragging him by the arm, right up to Huo Mian.

“Son, hurry and try to talk to Mian…”


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