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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (47)

Huo Mian thought it over for a second and nodded. “Actually, I only have a few friends. Mom, don’t worry about it. Plus, I’m staying with the Su Family, so we won’t be able to do anything too extravagant. A small gathering is good enough. They’re still young. We don’t need to make it too fancy.”

Yang Meirong nodded in agreement.

“That’s true, you’re right, I should’ve been more considerate. The Su Family has been so kind to you. We can’t go overboard.”

Huo Mian walked over to the twins and gave them each a gentle kiss. She then got into her own bed and went to sleep.

The twin’s one-month celebration arrived in the blink of an eye. Huo Mian and Su Yu bought all the party materials in advance, and on the day of the party, Huo Mian, along with Mrs. Su and her own mother, led the maids into doing all kinds of decorating, blowing up balloons, and hanging up colorful streamers. Although it looked like a lot of fun, preparing for the party was truly hard work. Everyone was having a great time, however, as they were all very excited about the party.

Mr. Su and Grandpa Su made time for the twins, both deciding to stay at home for the celebration, as this day was important to them as well.

Grandpa Su and Mr. Su each carried one baby, trying to make the twins laugh. From afar, everything looked… strangely fitting? When Su Yu came home… he couldn’t believe the sight before him.

Mr. Su lowered his head towards the baby and gently whispered, “Baby, say ‘Grandpa’, ‘Grandpa’?”

“Ahem, um… Dad, let me explain, one-month-olds can’t speak yet.” Su Yu pretended to cough to cover up his reminder to his father.

“I don’t need you to tell me that!” Mr. Su rolled his eyes at Su Yu.

Su Yu: “…”

“I’m only trying to make the baby laugh. You think I’m doing it for real? What’s happening to your brain? Why are you becoming more and more stupid?” Mr. Su scolded.

Su Yu: “…”

Fine, maybe Su Yu was worrying for nothing, but why were his dad and grandpa, who were both incredibly stern, so soft when they were with the twins?

Everyone in the Su Family loved the twins. The babies were too cute for words to describe.

“Grandpa, can I hold the baby for a second?”

“I haven’t had enough time yet. Go ask your father.” Grandpa Su declined.

“Um, Dad, are you holding Pudding or Little Bean? Could I have a turn?”

“Go away. Did you wash your hands? Your hands are covered in bacteria, do you know that? Plus, you have no idea how to hold a baby. They look like they’re in pain whenever you hold them. Get away from here…”

With that, Mr. Su walked towards the windows with the baby in his arms.

Su Yu stood there, blinking awkwardly.

He was at his home, right? Why did he feel like an abandoned child?

What was going on?

Su Yu got up and walked upstairs. The sight of Huo Mian standing atop a chair and hanging balloons instantly warmed his heart.

“How could you be doing work like this?”

“No worries. It’s not that high up.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Still, it’s dangerous. Get down, I’ll do it.”

Before Huo Mian could respond, he dragged her down the chair and climbed on top of it himself…

The guests arrived one after another. By noon, almost everyone had arrived.

“Are we all here? Should I tell the kitchen to begin serving lunch?” Su Yu asked.

“Um, hold on. We’re still waiting for one more person.”

Huo Mian said quietly.

“Hm? Who’s still not here?” Su Yu looked around the room, confused.

Jiang Xiaowei, Wei Liao, Tang Chuan, Ni Yang, Chen Jie, Gan Ran, Gao Ran, Zhu Lingling, Rick… They were all here.

“Xixi. She should be here soon.” Huo Mian glanced over at Rick, whose eyes twinkled slightly at the mention of Xixi’s name…


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