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( Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (38)

From afar, Cotton Candy watched too, with envy, jealousy, and perhaps a little hatred as well.

That woman wasn’t beautiful or gloriously graceful, she wasn’t even young anymore, and she most definitely wasn’t some famous actress. But, somehow, she commanded Su Yu’s every move and action. Perhaps, she was the only one in this world that capable of doing such a thing.

“Cotton Candy, aren’t you going over to toast President Su? Look, Jian Tong just went, and it looks like she spoke to President Su’s date as well,” a girl suggested to Cotton Candy.

However, Cotton Candy simply smirked with disdain and said, “I’m not an idiot like Jian Tong – plotting and planning just to fall into the trap of her own making. If you want to succeed here, then you better know who the hell you are and what you are worth, and listen and do what you’re told to do. President Su isn’t easy to seduce, and those who want what doesn’t belong to them will only bring themselves and the people around them down.” Cotton Candy understood the situation perfectly. If there was no way to get into Su Yu’s pants, why not just be a good pet and do what the master asked?

Perhaps Jian Tong’s success got into her head, for she got carried away and thought she could not fail. It would explain her ignorant actions.

Ni Yang’s celebration party was extremely grand. After all, he was the number one performer at Imperial Star, and therefore had the highest status in the company that no other star could compare to.

At the party, Ni Yang sang three songs live, and one of the songs was a cover of a love song called “Small Happiness”.

As the song arrived at its chorus, he looked at Chen Jie, who sat beside Huo Mian, longingly.

“Turns out you were the happiness that I wanted to keep forever. Didn’t know we were once so close to being real lovers. When you decided it was us against the world, and the storms that we’ve been through, girl. Every scene, every moment, it was you. With a pure heart that cannot be untrue.”

Chen Jie was very touched. Nervously, she clenched her palm tightly onto her dress just under the table.

In the beginning, Chen Jie was reluctant to date Ni Yang due to their difference in status. But now, she would always stand quietly by his side no matter what sort of hardship was thrown at them. Their relationship became calmer and more stable, to the point where they were considering marriage.

Huo Mian was quite fond of the two of them because both of them had the highest quality of personality and morality.

After Ni Yang finished his performance, several other female celebrities also got on the stage to perform. Initially, Jian Tong was scheduled to sing, but for some reason, she left the party early, claiming that she wasn’t feeling well.

Ni Yang sat beside Chen Jie after his performance. The atmosphere was a relaxed one as Huo Mian, Chen Jie, and Ni Yang chatted fondly.

In between their conversations, Huo Mian got up to go to the washroom. However, as she was getting out, a shadow blocked her way at the entrance.

“Huo Mian, it’s been a while.”

Huo Mian looked up and was surprised to see Jiang Ye standing in front of her.

It took Huo Mian a moment to remember that he also signed with Imperial Star. Perhaps it was because of his age, but he wasn’t as famous as Ni Yang.

Nonetheless, if he was at the party from the beginning, based on his identity, he was supposed to be seated at the same table as Su Yu and her. At the very least, he would sit at the same table as Jian Tong. Therefore, Huo Mian was rather surprised to bump into him at this time.

“You need something?” Huo Mian scanned his face without much emotion.

“You look beautiful tonight,” Jiang Ye’s eyes beamed with a pleasant surprise as he said with a smile. It had been a while since he last saw Huo Mian, and he was rather delighted to see Huo Mian all dolled up in a gown.

Initially, he had no interest in attending Ni Yang’s celebration party. After all, it was below him. However, Mo Xue’er sarcastically reminded that perhaps he should pay a visit. After all, what if he met the girl of his dreams?

At the thought of that, he had a change of heart and decided to attend last minute.

As a veteran playboy, he had no idea why he couldn’t stop thinking about this young girl. It had been almost a year since he last saw Huo Mian, but his longing for her had only increased.


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