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( Darkness Dissipates; The King Returns (6)

“Only because she’s an idiot, so much dumber than I am! She lost a bet to me, so she has to play by the rules,” Pudding said proudly, holding a deck of cards in her hand.

“No! A while ago, we got our IQ tests, and mine was higher than yours! Gramma said I’m the smarter one…” Little Bean pouted, unwilling to admit defeat.

“Gramma was consoling you, okay? How do you not get that?”

“Gosh, please stop bickering, my head hurts. Pudding, give the bunny back to your sister,” Huo Mian intervened.

“She lost to me in cards!” Pudding argued.

“Mommy, I didn’t lose, she cheated and switched the cards up… I bet Handsome Su taught her how to do it… I’m going to make him pay next time I see him! Why won’t he teach me how to cheat as well! He’s so biased… It’s not like I’m uglier than Pudding or something, he should’ve taught me that trick too!”

Huo Mian was left speechless by Little Bean’s rant.

Pudding started calling Su Yu ‘Handsome Su’ as soon as she learned how to talk, and she was also someone that was really fixated on looks. In the beginning, Su Yu wasn’t used to this nickname, but he quickly got used to it.

The twins often bickered over who Handsome Su liked more…

But it seemed like Little Bean always lost in that battle.

Of Huo Mian’s twins, Pudding had higher IQ and EQ. She was proud, indifferent, and filled with ideas. All in all, she was an exact smaller replica of Qin Chu.

Little Bean, on the other hand, was smart as well. However, unlike Huo Mian, she talked way too much.

For some reason, she was like her uncle, Jing Zhixin…

Little Bean was the comedian of the family, often saying things that would make the entire family burst into rabid laughter.

“Beauty isn’t the most important thing, okay? Handsome Su is deeper than that… or else he wouldn’t have fallen for Mommy…”

“Qin Zhaozhao, what do you mean by that?” Huo Mian demanded, her arms crossed in front of her chest.

“Mommy, I was just telling the truth… You’re not crazy gorgeous. At most you’re pretty, but Handsome Su still liked you enough to move you over to his house… Tsk tsk, even the Gods can prove his devotion towards you,” Pudding said in all seriousness.

Huo Mian felt speechless.

“But don’t be nervous, I know it doesn’t matter how much Handsome Su likes you… you only like Daddy, right?”

“You’re only three years old, sweetie. Relationships aren’t as simple as you think it is, can’t you play like normal children?”

“But I’m not normal, okay? I’m the daughter of two big geniuses, Qin Chu and Huo Mian…” Pudding said proudly.

Huo Mian was speechless.

“Mommy told us to be lowkey, you shouldn’t show off like that,” Little Bean reminded.

Suddenly, Huo Mian’s phone rang. “Hello?”

“President Huo, we have that video conference with the HQ in an hour.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there.”

Then, Huo Mian turned back to the twins. “I’m going to work now, be good and listen to Gramma, alright? Don’t run around the house and prank Uncle Li and the others, got it?”

“If we get bored, can we ask Handsome Su to come to play with us?” Little Bean asked innocently.

“No, Uncle Su is busy too, alright?” Huo Mian stared at the twins.

“Fine, fine, just go… we’ll be good.” The twins were used to their mommy being busy.

“Pudding, don’t bully your sister while I’m gone, or else…” Huo Mian didn’t forget to nag.


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