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(Retired After Winning Merit, Honourable Although Defeated (45)

This intense battle went on for an hour and forty minutes…

Everyone watched silently, afraid to be dragged into the fight…

Huo Mian’s heart wouldn’t descend from her throat…

She was terrified of Su Yu getting hurt because Huo Siqian looked very strong.

Finally, when both men were drenched in sweat, their bodies covered in wounds and their legs about to give in, Huo Siqian wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. “Su Yu, you really are impressive. You guys can leave…”

Su Yu reached out his hand and wiped away the sweat from his face… before turning to Huo Mian.

Suffering through the pain, he took her hand and led her out of the mansion…

After they got into the car, Huo Mian immediately asked, “How are you doing? Are you seriously injured? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“No… It’s not that serious, they’re all external wounds. I can patch myself up once I get home. Let’s get you home first and then I’ll go home.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll go home with you and patch you up first. I’ll go home afterward.”

“I can do it myself…” Su Yu chuckled helplessly.

“I’m a doctor. Don’t tell me you know better,” Huo Mian ordered.

“Alright, alright… please don’t get mad at me, Doctor Huo. I’ll listen to you.”

Ultimately, Su Yu gave in and drove his car went directly to his private mansion.

Huo Mian went looking for the first aid kit as soon as they walked in…

She then helped Su Yu take off his pure white shirt…

Huo Mian’s heart ached at the sight of Su Yu’s body…

There were bruises front and back…

Although there weren’t any open wounds, internal injuries were the worst kind. Invisible to the naked eye, but painful as could be.

She took out the iodophor and applied it carefully to his bruises…

Su Yu held in all of the pain, unwilling to make Huo Mian worry even a little bit…

He simply sat there, straight as a pencil, not moving an inch.

Huo Mian’s fingers would graze his skin, sending ripples through his heart…

“Huo Siqian wasn’t as garbage as I thought he’d be. He definitely had professional combat training before and he’s incredibly skilled.”

Su Yu commentated…

“He never does anything without absolute certainty. The fact that he agreed to fight you meant he wasn’t going to let you beat him to a pulp,” Huo Mian added.

“Your analysis makes a lot of sense. It seems like you know him quite well.”

“I’ve known him for years… He’s incredibly strange and his personality’s ever-changing… But one thing that will never change is his huge ego. It’s good that you’re also a great fighter. Otherwise, if you were seriously injured… I…”

Huo Mian paused for a moment…

“What would you have done?” Su Yu asked.

“I definitely wouldn’t have let him off the hook. How dare he hurt my friend…”

Disappointment flashed across Su Yu’s eyes upon hearing the word ‘friend’.

Huo Mian quickly disinfected Su Yu’s wounds and bandaged him up.

“Although there are no critical wounds, you’ll still need to avoid water for the time being. It’ll heal up faster that way. If you shower, try not to stay in there for too long…”

“Got it, Doctor Huo.” Su Yu smiled.

“Go to bed early. I’m going home.”

“I’ll drive you.”

“No need… You’re already injured and shouldn’t move around. An can drive me back,” Huo Mian suggested.

“Alright then… sleep early when you get back. The twins’ one-month birthday party is the day after tomorrow. A lot of people will be there and you will be stressed.”

“I will.”

Huo Mian then followed An out of Su Yu’s mansion.

Although Su Yu sustained many injuries, the fact that Huo Mian personally bandaged him up made everything worth it.

After Huo Mian left, Su Yu lied down on his bed, finding it difficult to fall asleep.


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